Tuesday, October 28, 2014


        To search for solutions and actions practical’s to minimize corruption emergence, deeper analysis of the Conjuncture and Structure of State is required, in relation to the Political Regime known as DEMOCRATIC, which greatly promotes this illegal act, even with highly damaging legal punishments to criminals.

Within the philosophical DEMOCRACY conception is a metaphysical system that August Comte defined as:


         To keep the Human Rights Action is needed first, that Brazil to exchange it Political Regime System - Democracy to Republican Societocracy.

Brazil is a country well known for having a non-transparent and highly corrupt system.

      Our international rankings this issue are of high level of corruption, according to Transparency International https://www.transparency.org/cpi2013 ) (Corruption Perception Index - 40-49 - http://www.transparency.org/cpi2013/infographic)

      In addition to the rankings of corruptibility is necessary to become ingrained in Brazilian´s psyche or mind and Our Culture´s training of the Brazilian population, the progresses of Moral and Civic, and Feelings Education in its infancy until 14 age, learning subordinate the egoism under Altruism Feeling, by same “Green Book” in all Brazilian Religion.(Religion Responsibility - http://sccbesme-humanidade.blogspot.com.br/2012/07/responsabilidade-das-religioes.html  // Separate Religion of State //  - http://sccbesme-humanidade.blogspot.com.br/2012/09/religiao-contra-estado.html

      Let us Brazilians looking for a clean system - transparent and incorruptible; similar to the behavior of Singaporeans, which accept today, the demand for such a system be kept clean.

     Unlike some other countries, they give and accept any "social lubricants" to perform their actions. Singapore began to correct their Amoral mistakes in 1951, today it is an example of transparency and positive morality within the Capitalist Globalized System. 

     To enrich this Introduction on this topic Corruption follows one of the last paragraphs of the interview the current Prime Minister of Singapore Mr. Lee Hsien Loong - responding on Human Rights and Democracy. (See the Transcription) http://www.cfr.org/singapore/singapore-prime-minister-lee-backs-trans-pacific-partnership-stronger-us-ties/p33166 or http://www.cfr.org/singapore/singapore-prime-minister-lee-backs-trans-pacific-partnership-stronger-us-ties/p33178

See the CPIB's 60th anniversary celebrations on 18 September 2012 https://www.cpib.gov.sg/resources/speeches

Attached is what happened in 1951 - democracy Without Human Rights, which favored mend Singapore Morality  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lee_Kuan_Yew.

We already had the DIVINE RIGHTS that were a disgrace. What we have to be well defined are the DUTIES: INDIVIDUAL, FAMILY, CIVIL or PATRIOTIC, WEST, EAST and PLANETARY, and subordinate to the Rights Laws under DUTIES Natural Laws, this way the HUMAN PSYCHE will be trained to subordinate personality under sociability.

It would be interesting that Economic and Military Power Great Nations of  World alerted Its Coordinating Agencies of Transnational Corporations (By example In USA - The WOODROW WILSON INTERNATIONAL CENTER FOR SCHOLARS), to eliminate its stocks of Bribery and Corruption in Developing Countries.

Where, Directors and Presidents of Transnational will be penalized in their country, losing their properties and their position at the Company.

This is moment for us to we develop the changes, for the better!

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