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Bernie Sanders for President

Sisters and Brothers -

This is how close we are to achieving something unprecedented. We set a goal earlier this week of reaching 3,000,000 individual contributions by midnight tonight — the last day for donations to directly help get out the caucus in Iowa.

We are so close to reaching 3 million individual contributions! Add yours before midnight so we can reach our goal.
Every contribution made to our campaign sends a message that we can defeat the billionaire class in this election. 

Today is the last day to make sure your contribution can be put to work in Iowa.

Make your $3 contribution here before midnight:

In solidarity,

Jeff Weaver
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You are our movement. -- Sisters and Brothers -

Time is running out before our Iowa caucus fundraising deadline at midnight, so I need to take a moment to share with you why these emails are so important to our campaign.

Earlier this week, Hillary Clinton left Iowa to attend a financial services fundraiser on the East Coast. We don’t know how much she raised, but it must have been many millions to compel her to leave the state in the critical days before the caucus. At the same time, her largest super PAC started a massive series of advertisements to tip the balance in her favor.

But you know Bernie. He doesn’t go around asking millionaires and billionaires for money. There’s no super PAC waiting in the wings. Emails like this one fund our campaign.

The clock is ticking and we’re getting so close to our goal of 3 million individual contributions made online, so we have to ask before midnight:

There’s only three days before the Iowa caucus, and we are neck and neck. How we perform will have a tremendous impact on the future of our political revolution.

 It is no exaggeration to say the entire country and much of the world will be watching to see if we have what it takes to defeat the billionaire class, starting here in Iowa on Monday.

History has its eyes on us.

In solidarity,

Jeff Weaver
Campaign Manager
Bernie 2016

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(not the billionaires)

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Friday, January 29, 2016


Bernie Sanders for President

Bernie Supporters -

Take a look at the response from Bernie's email this morning: this is what it looks like when millions of Americans come together to say they have had ENOUGH of the billionaire class buying our candidates and elections.

If we can keep it up, our campaign is going to reach 3 million individual online contributions before midnight and have the resources we need to fight back against the super PACs who have stepped in to tip the balance against our campaign in the final days before the Iowa caucus.

Bernie supporters making contributions to our campaign today before tonight's deadline
When Bernie first decided to run for president, his greatest fear was that if he were to run a poor campaign or did not do well, that it would be a setback for the ideas driving our campaign. But what we are doing on this campaign is proving that when millions of people come together, there is no limit to what we are able to accomplish.

That’s the message we’ll send on Monday night in Iowa, and your contribution right now ensures we’ll have the resources we need to win.

Can Bernie count on you to make a $3 contribution to our campaign right now? You can do that here 

The strength of our political revolution is not just about how much money we raise, it’s about how many contributions our supporters have made to power this movement.

Thank you for adding yours before midnight.

In solidarity,

Team Bernie

Thursday, January 28, 2016


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Bernie Sanders for President

Sisters and Brothers -

When we started this campaign, no one gave us a chance. But then 6,000 people showed up at our announcement speech in Burlington. Our crowds swelled to 10,000 in Madison, 15,000 in Seattle and 27,500 in Los Angeles, California.

Our volunteer base grew larger than any other campaign. At the same time, we rose in the polls nationally and trimmed Hillary Clinton’s lead down to single digits in Iowa.

Together, we proved that when Americans stand together, we could raise enough money to take on the billionaire class. Thirty thousand contributions on our first day. Our millionth contribution in September. Two million in December. And a chance to reach 3 million before Iowa, just one month later.

But out of every contribution we've received — none is more important than the one you can make right now, because tomorrow is the last day we can put it to work to win Iowa.

Iowa is so important because we are so well positioned in the states that come next. We have a lead in New Hampshire and a tremendous field and volunteer advantage in the states that follow.

If we can win on Monday night in Iowa, we could be well on our way to winning the Democratic nomination. That’s why this is so important.

In solidarity,

Jeff Weaver
Campaign Manager
Bernie 2016

Paid for by Bernie 2016
(not the billionaires)
PO Box 905 - Burlington VT 05402 United States - (855) 4-BERNIE

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Tuesday, January 26, 2016


(Under Construction)

          When I was reading the newspaper - O Globo (Rio de Janeiro - Brazil) of 24 May 1998 in its page 47, the subject of the paper, wrote by journalist José Meirelles Passos, with the title, "A COUNTRY PERPLEX WITH ITSELF" from our forgotten USA, with reference  at  Domestic Positive Great Morals Attitudes, carried out through its few political leaders, with moral basis, such as to be listed in the site's main page - complemented of certain other Statesmen, that will emerge in this Twenty-First Century; whose hope at this point leads us to fight, by an Independent candidate, that was accepted by the Democratic Party, to Victory, Senator Mr. Bernie Sanders
     “This election is about changing the parameters of what’s feasible and ending the choke hold of big money on our political system.”

·         “I’ve known Hillary Clinton since she was 19 years old, and have nothing but respect for her. In my view, she’s the most qualified candidate for president of the political system we now have.
·         But Bernie Sanders is the most qualified candidate to create the political system we should have, because he’s leading a political movement for change.”  Robert Reich -

Men like these from Democratic Party, will try to put in order, this great disorder that capitalism does not policed, which it is highly competitive headed by Republican Party leaders – chiefly by Big Banks that financial its political campaigns,  said to be the relationship deliverance, between Capital and Labor, has in recent years caused a disruption in the education of their own children. I sold Education Feelings and not of Scientific Instruction  to meet the Globalized Market coupled by current Financialization Crisis, and Public Debt Crisis of Corruption highly damaging to the democratic regime, leading us to a Fascist Regime System 

Returning to the article text, the journalist says that the issue "refers to the fact that the Americans have not felt awe, before this common occurrence of life."

They never studied and never put in practice the Natural Laws of Positive Sociology Science and Positive Moral Sciences or Positive Building Science or known by few, as Scientific Psychology.


But this way of thinking that these facts are commonplace, is very wrong because they have deep roots in the social pathology expressed by one of the legs of the tripod, giving the mainstay or disequilibrium of a society – the Moral Treasury. The other two legs of the tripod are the Scientific Intellectual Treasury and the other, the Material ($) Treasury.

 But as the materialistic leaders, ie the statesmen of today, are concerned only with the Treasures Material and Intellectual Scientific, neglecting to listen to or meet the Boards of Governors Priestly, in relation to the Capital Moral, on juncture and structure of society; They are leading us to very high levels of risk - Civil War - a possible social implosion, if not take the time, the necessary appropriate action.  - Not everything that is suggested here can be deployed now; but offers new ideas for the future.

      As the Economical System that prevails in the USA, is based on promoting individual consumerism and spread the “I”; instead of "we", which is based in propagate the sociability; the I , generating a dispute, the extreme competition, struggle, conquest, this all; since when the child is generated and the period of formation and consolidation of its character, to suffer influences of ratiocinate, subjected to highly selfish feelings in order to adapt, when adult, to avoid their being harassed by depressions and misalignment with this pathological society; where some children are taken under the influence of this massive advertisements of violent heroes, to behave as such in order to be highlights of in the media, without being able to measure the consequences of their actions, because not yet had enough time to become aware of the complex human problem, whose solutions have been suggested long time ago by positivist scientific culture.

          The problem has its origin in Human Feelings Education targeting the large gaps in the Positive Moral Natural Lows, almost empirically forgotten. But that could already have been systematized long time for the welfare of humanity's evolution. Problems that occur in the activities from Material Capital plus the Scientific Intellectual Capital have its origins in social Immoralities of society.

        The worst is that the solutions found by the American human laws for these pathological cases of juvenile aggression, are penalizing young people, with the death penalty; life imprisonment and etc ..
     It's sad, but that should be being penalized, would today's educators, these false pedagogical college, that bourgeois society has an interest to propagate, so that children can survive, only forcing scientific Instruction,  so that these children masses can get as soon as possible, in the market fighting, becoming future executives, of this great country - technology and business; aiming at the generation of Material Capital and Intellectual Capital, forgetting that to live in a more peaceful society, there is need to strengthen the Positive Moral Capital.

    Firstly, prior to instructing scientifically, i.e. to alphabetize and to teach the sciences  natural   laws - we will educate them, i.e., to touch in the feelings, before to improve intelligence by mathematics.
·  Regarding Altruistic feelings, we will expand it so that occur the tenderness liberation.     
·         Regarding Selfish feelings, we will compress it to occur the purity liberation.

    We don’t want neither angels nor saints. What we want is to minimize human wickedness; i.e., minimize the barbarians.

   It would therefore to be possible created the conditions to the Personality it be subordinate under Sociability.

  Today, there are virtually no more Educators, there are only trainers or School Administrators, almost know nothing about feelings education, but a lot about Scientific instruction. They are deep connoisseurs of Mathematical, Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry, Biology Sciences, and almost nothing of Positive Sociology   Science, and nothing of Positive Moral Science. They know lot of Sociology- Metaphysics and very badly about Moral Theology.

    About the arms purchases, where children in the USA already buy them subjectively, since they are conceived in the mother's womb, who watches the movie "cow-boy" - Heroes of material forces, and other wars, the US State got involved, begin to have selfish training.

   Children from an early age are led to think of fights and disputes, which are the largest of the universe, which cannot be countered, because the answer is the violence.

  At the pinnacle of an educational disobedience, causing behavioral disorders, they are taken to psychologists, who are the heads of the I - more selfishness, and, so, the system proceeds more violently; even within the HOUSE, where the woman is not the MOTHER. The mother and father, hardly exists; emerging the famous family disorder generated by mental disharmony.

  The children do not love or respect more the parents. Aunts of nurseries not give MOTHER'S LOVE. DAY CARE IS BUSINESS. ($) – MATERIAL CAPITAL.

    American statistics portray violence because of the rush caused by turbulent capitalism of everyday life, the Americans cannot afford, to be able to understand the origin of these pathological causes, so harmful of its Society.

  Usually they want to solve the problem by combating the effect by generating other violence; and they doing nothing to correct or eliminate the cause; and living with the growing and impossible control, these pathological effects of their society, moving slowly to itself-destroy.

  This war is not chemistry, nor Atomic and neither Economic-Financial, is the Moral Negative - IMMORAL; it is slow, gradual, it is growing, it is deadliest.

  If not treated there is time, with an antigen, i.e. with positive moral actions, which is also slow and gradual, but is efficient; and does maintain more peacefully the Society.

  We can say figuratively that: "the Moral Entropy of American Society" if it reach "Zero" It "will implode," creating a big "black hole" gulping us all, by globalizing world. It has signaled recently for "zero", warning us tend to the way the implosion of their society, even with all their great scientific discoveries and technologies, the most advanced of the modern world; and major commercial and financial transactions. See the 2008 crisis, has been a warning. See also the European Union, where occurs the same, on a smaller scale.
Futurism above expressions nothing but the result of the extension of the scientific intellectual reasoning in the fields of the natural laws of Positive Sociology Science and Positive Moral Science, perceived and organized by August Comte (1798-1857), the Master of Masters and already been proven many times; and unknown to most intellectuals. Currently we can mention a great scientist, Mr. Stephen Hawking who calls himself positivist.  - { Stephen Hawking is a recent high profile advocate of positivism, at least in the physical sciences. In The Universe in a Nutshell (p. 31) he writes: Any sound scientific theory, whether of time or of any other concept, should in my opinion be based on the most workable philosophy of science: the positivist approach put forward by Karl Popper and others. According to this way of thinking, a scientific theory is a mathematical model that describes and codifies the observations we make. A good theory will describe a large range of phenomena on the basis of a few simple postulates and will make definite predictions that can be tested. ... If one takes the positivist position, as I do, one cannot say what time actually is. All one can do is describe what has been found to be a very good mathematical model for time and say what predictions it makes. } Positivism research as occurring the natural phenomena and not because they occur.

   In this matter, about Sociology and Moral, think that dialogue and the debate in a way to "ignorant, i.e. no specialist", it will not be possible to find a solution to the problems of feelings education. It is totally mistaken.

"Did you ever wonder why things like that; where children kill each other, do not happen in India and China family?" - Look the difference -  -

   The Economists and the experts on Marketing, consciously or unconsciously, they are largely culprits by immoral media propaganda, based on selfish feelings that generate reasoning in their minds, contaminating the society to generate anarchic progress and retrograde order, complemented by new metaphysical psychology ideas with  scientific teachers and  the absence of  educator of feelings, as responsible by younger "brains" formation, in present generations, i.e., with no Positive Scientific Education; These younger brains, "semi-formatted", imbued of authority by mediocre PhD title, which cannot be counteracted, with a high degree of pride, vanity, spirit of destruction and other selfish feelings, that contaminate the society, causing there are social disharmony.

     We cannot consult the population, to develop a project, but we know it opinion about these issues, even if it is for itself welfare. Most hits by chance - democratic vision. We have, we the intellectuals, with life outside the Universities and altruistic, over 65 years age to create a national plan and to show the community to help us with practical suggestions to make appropriate adjustments.

    How does a person who knows nothing about Sociology and Moral Positive Natural Scientific Laws, can opine on this issues? As well as, we have be that advised by the wisdom in the older culture and if possible not millionaires and not magistrates, who mostly where they are swayed by political influence where this last are purchased by lobbyists money.

    How a person can get their rights, without knowing their social and moral duties, in society,  which it lives?

“What is Morally Wrong Cannot be Politically Correct”
Abraham Lincoln - Posted in U.S. Capitol.

        The crisis of "affection - love - fondness," as is said in the media, it would better be considered as Altruism crisis (Veneration, Attachment and Kindness); which consequently brings up in children (0-3 years old) spontaneous indiscipline, causing disrespect to the fathers and consequently the apparent loss of the same authority, within the Home.

     The correction methods of discipline and the penalty through a punishment for "mild pats" is not tyranny attitude, if not blocks or creativity, or the development or physical injury; that is, get maintain order and progress, in the brain still unprepared to understand the penalty; it only understands mime, and do not know yet assimilate the expression of verbal and written languages.

    It is not the "conscience" (metaphysical expression) of each individual who will maintain the democratic freedom; it will propagate liberality, which today that is taking a monstrous and stupid way to command decisions in the world.

    Our American brothers, with the extension of this technique of "brain-storm" of high applicability in specific fields and highly scientific from mathematics, astronomy, physics, chemistry and biology, in meetings of scientists, technologists and experts in Well Arts and the Good Art, it is extremely valid.

     It would also be valid for the moral and social problems if we were already formed scientists with deep knowledge of Sociology and Moral Positive Sciences, where we find the Natural Laws of the DUTIES - Individual, Household, Patriot, Western, Eastern and Planetariums; similarly, that the seven sciences and two kinds of arts, listed above.

   But this attitude of using techniques of "brainstorm" with the objective of finding no scientific solutions, that is, empirical with fetishist, theological and metaphysical bases by querying the public opinion, which mostly educated by their feelings, even more Altruist than selfish, which are however highly manipulated by selfish political leaders, in this conjectural democratic system that never hit for itself the welfare of a most productive middle class.

    Like most intellectuals ignore the truths of sociability that is Sociology Sciences and Moral Science Positive Natural Laws, perceived by August Comte, to consult an ignorant mass socially, will only bring anti-social outcome. By chance can soften but does not resolve.

Most of today's population, it is not Educated to sociability, but, for subordinate Sociability under Personality and economically accepting the Not Policed Capitalism, the one that prevailing in Wall Street and  FED.

   Through these techniques, we will not find solutions to social problems, in the current public views, totally uneducated morally and socially.

  It will not be through opinion research, get the solution to Youth behavior problems, through Sociology Positive Science and Moral Positive Science, which are unknown to most intellectuals and statesmen of the current Globalised World.

    For the moment that they really knowing these two sciences, there will be no need philosophizing outputs, fetishists, theological and metaphysical, in many universities, whose resources established would be greatly better employed in improving the welfare, of many malnourished and human hungry.

            The "Affection" or ternure is the solution. The affection is the delicate way to convey something for humans. It's transmitted correctly with social and moral content, right or wrong. useless if learning if it is socially and morally wrong. No use if learning if it is socially and morally wrong. Because, we have use pedagogical techniques, “ to expand” Altruistic feelings.

         It is unfortunate that it is not known what Auguste Comte realize, with the help of other scientists of his age, especially Dr. Joseph Gall (1758-1828), the "Soul" is made up of 18 human brain functions or brain organs - being 10 feeling; 5 of Intelligence and 3 of character. Alerting them that feelings govern intelligence. July 1851.

           This habit of asking the opinion of ignorant, in the wrong place to look right, never give results Scientific; because we know only science, with Love, will join the man.

            Still in the text of the newspaper article, under review, we found that it spent a lot of money on research, as did the Mayo Clinic in Rochester - had need, through tools mathematics, such as statistics, concluded that family is important in sociability. That is, that young Americans in the 60s, lost 10 to 12 hours of contact with their parents due to both be working out of Home.

          It is not possible the Mayo Clinic PhD, has to resort the statistical methods, to conclude that the Family is something important for sociability - Family, Homeland and Humanity Evolution - especially in the Children and  Young Feelings Education, when its need the Woman-Mother to be at it side. It is worth to remember Aristotle, the Prince of Philosophers, that saying, "Division of offices and joint efforts."

Let's seek at the American Society recently the opinion of a "political scientist" and historian Mr. Edward Luttwak Nicolae {  ; }, which at June 14, 1995, in his interview in Veja magazine said:

"The competitions between companies and among the people are self-destructing; destroys up people, companies and finally destroys the country itself - USA. This unbridled dispute is taking the serenity of life, the tranquility of family life and by concentrating income as never seen without blood, in the recent history of Humanity."
 “No Sul da Itália, perder o emprego, significa pouco. O desempregado encontra  apoio  emocional  e material  na  Família. Lá não existe a eficiência e liberalidade de Manhattam – do Velho Amoral Wall Street. No entanto, no ambiente rural, com liberdade, ninguém  precisa de” Turbo-capitalismo ”, ou melhor,  de Capitalismo-Egoísta , pois a vida econômica, não é que seja estável; é que as famílias, possuem a Mama, que  emana empiricamente a Moral Positiva, sem saber - o  Sr.  Luttwak, não percebeu  devido a sua formação; que isto não é, como ele disse, que a parte Moral Positiva, deve ficar para os pregadores ou pastores Americanos.

Mas o que adianta se os pregadores teologistas, não satisfazem com as suas pregações, os argumentos científicos das suas ovelhas e provocam suas debandadas.  Na Itália, estas pregações de Moral Positivas  ficam  para as Mães - as Mamas; verdadeiras Mulheres de Grandes Famílias. Grande aqui não implica em riqueza material, e sim em Riqueza  Afetiva - Altruísta, como já vimos é gerado pelo Trabalhos Morais,  que está acima da Classe de Trabalho Material e Intelectual Científico. O mesmo ocorre nas famílias judaicas, cujas Mães são educadas pelos Rabinos, a saber “educar” seus filhos por métodos antigos do empirismo teológico.   

            Como vivemos em uma fase revolucionária da Humanidade, é difícil de entender, que a função da Mulher está fadada  a Educar Moralmente os Homens, e os Homens tem por obrigação administrar “Industrialmente o Mundo”, desmilitarizando-o gradativamente. Mas a Mulher, jamais poderá ser explorada e jamais poderá perder o Poder Político. Esta sua função, tem que ser muita bem remunerada materialmente, pelo Estado, em igualdade de condições com o Pai de Família.

          Jamais, a Mulher-Mãe deverá abandonar as crianças  entre 0 e 14 anos , para se dedicarem  ao trabalho industrial, na disputa inadequada com os Homens. Os sexos não são opostos, são Complementares.

            São dos nove meses da geração até os 14 anos de idade que se forma o 30$ do Caráter e se molda os 70% dos Sentimentos Humanos. Uma creche não instrui  esta Educação aos alunos, pois creche não tem filhos, tem negocio, para amenizar o sofrimento dos filhos, pela falta das Mães ausentes e do lucro dos donos das creches. 

      A inteligência é nata. Ela é apurada ou aprimorada por meio de raciocínios dados por exercícios de matemática.

       Os sentimentos comandam a inteligência; que por sua vez dão um feedback para os sentimentos. Os sentimentos egoístas geram raciocínios egoístas. Os sentimentos altruístas geram raciocínios altruístas ou sociais e não socialistas.

        Devemos criar técnicas pedagógicas para ensinar subordinar os sentimentos  egoístas aos sentimentos altruístas, mantendo uma branda competição a um nível do Mérito (Capacidade, Competência e Posição Social)

            Meus Prezados humanos, que habitam os US, vamos mudar um pouco o modo de sentir, pensar e agir, para evitarmos a autodestruição de uma Nação, que chegou a tão elevado nível material e intelectual Científico, mas tem deixado a desejar, no Nível Moral Positivo, e que repercute violentamente no seu nível de Sociabilidade, para servir de exemplo para os demais países do Mundo, com uma orientação mais científica de forma sistemática na Educação dos Sentimentos, na psique ou alma ou mente dos humanos, no reino da Mãe Terra.

Para que isso possa ocorrer temos que CHANGE,  apoiando o Democrata Independente BERNIE SANDERS,  que está certo em suas proposições, para o Bem Estar Social e Moral do cidadão Americano.

Paulo Augusto Lacaz