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You are our movement. -- Sisters and Brothers -

Time is running out before our Iowa caucus fundraising deadline at midnight, so I need to take a moment to share with you why these emails are so important to our campaign.

Earlier this week, Hillary Clinton left Iowa to attend a financial services fundraiser on the East Coast. We don’t know how much she raised, but it must have been many millions to compel her to leave the state in the critical days before the caucus. At the same time, her largest super PAC started a massive series of advertisements to tip the balance in her favor.

But you know Bernie. He doesn’t go around asking millionaires and billionaires for money. There’s no super PAC waiting in the wings. Emails like this one fund our campaign.

The clock is ticking and we’re getting so close to our goal of 3 million individual contributions made online, so we have to ask before midnight:

There’s only three days before the Iowa caucus, and we are neck and neck. How we perform will have a tremendous impact on the future of our political revolution.

 It is no exaggeration to say the entire country and much of the world will be watching to see if we have what it takes to defeat the billionaire class, starting here in Iowa on Monday.

History has its eyes on us.

In solidarity,

Jeff Weaver
Campaign Manager
Bernie 2016

Paid for by Bernie 2016

(not the billionaires)

PO Box 905 - Burlington VT 05402 United States - (855) 4-BERNIE
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