Thursday, January 28, 2016


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Subject: Tomorrow's deadline

Bernie Sanders for President

Sisters and Brothers -

When we started this campaign, no one gave us a chance. But then 6,000 people showed up at our announcement speech in Burlington. Our crowds swelled to 10,000 in Madison, 15,000 in Seattle and 27,500 in Los Angeles, California.

Our volunteer base grew larger than any other campaign. At the same time, we rose in the polls nationally and trimmed Hillary Clinton’s lead down to single digits in Iowa.

Together, we proved that when Americans stand together, we could raise enough money to take on the billionaire class. Thirty thousand contributions on our first day. Our millionth contribution in September. Two million in December. And a chance to reach 3 million before Iowa, just one month later.

But out of every contribution we've received — none is more important than the one you can make right now, because tomorrow is the last day we can put it to work to win Iowa.

Iowa is so important because we are so well positioned in the states that come next. We have a lead in New Hampshire and a tremendous field and volunteer advantage in the states that follow.

If we can win on Monday night in Iowa, we could be well on our way to winning the Democratic nomination. That’s why this is so important.

In solidarity,

Jeff Weaver
Campaign Manager
Bernie 2016

Paid for by Bernie 2016
(not the billionaires)
PO Box 905 - Burlington VT 05402 United States - (855) 4-BERNIE

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