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We're just getting started - We in Brazil Let's copy this Bernie Sanders Revolutionary Evolution followers.
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Our Revolution

Paulo Augusto -

When we launched Our Revolution less than 100 days ago, we set out to transform American politics, making our political and economic systems once again responsive to the needs of working families.

We have been working tirelessly to achieve this goal, a goal that does not change no matter who is in the White House.

In fact, it is now more important than ever that we continue our fight to achieve economic, social, racial and environmental justice.

 We must keep up the pressure to pass a $15 minimum wage, protect our environment against climate change, and get big money out of politics so billionaires cannot buy our elections.

Our political revolution continues in states and communities across the country.

 If this election taught us anything, it's that the American people are fed up with the status quo.

They want change.

If we are going to continue transforming American politics and reclaiming our democracy, we must stay engaged in the political process. The election may be over, but our work is just getting started.

Together, we are going to continue fighting for the progressive values we share. 

Together, we will show the political establishment that we are in it for the long haul.

Thank you for everything you've done, and will do, to help create a government that works for all of us.

In solidarity,

Shannon Jackson
Executive Director
Our Revolution

Judicial Watch - 🔔 Tipsheet 30/11/2016

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Judicial Watch Announces a Special Panel Presentation, ‘The First 100 Days: The Anti-Corruption Agenda’ --- "Judicial Watch announced that it will convene a special educational panel on Tuesday, December 6, from 11 a.m. until 12 noon to discuss “The First 100 Days – The Anti-Corruption Agenda"...READ MORE
Judicial Watch Asks Federal Court to Find Government Misconduct in Clinton Email Scandal, Force Release of Documents --- "Judicial Watch argues the agency should release 30 emails currently being withheld under various “deliberative process,” “attorney client,” and “attorney work product”...READ MORE
Judicial Watch Calls for Trump Administration Investigation of Hillary Clinton --"Donald Trump must commit his administration to a serious, independent investigation of the very serious Clinton national security, email, and pay-to-play scandals.  If Mr. Trump’s appointees continue the Obama...READ MORE
Legal Immigration Also Lawless Under Obama: Green Cards with False Info, Sent Twice, Missing --- “Thousands of green cards have simply gone missing” according to a new federal audit that reveals scores have been “misdelivered,” include false information, were issued in duplicate...READ MORE

Support Team Judicial Watch 

Keep our investigators on the job uncovering the truth:
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Media Coverage

FBI to send Huma Abedin emails to State via POLITICO  --- “Several pending FOIA suits seek some or all of the records State is expected to receive from the FBI. Tuesday's hearing was on a case brought by the conservative group Judicial Watch. Judicial Watch lawyer Chris Fedeli asked U.S. District Court Judge James Boasberg to order State to check in with the FBI regularly to determine when the additional emails might arrive...”...

LAW SHOULD TRUMP CLINTON  --- “But the move was met critically by some. Tom Fitton, president of the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch, said it would be a 'betrayal of his promise to the American people' for Trump to abandon the Clinton case. 'Donald Trump must commit his administration to a serious, independent investigation of the very serious Clinton national security, email, and pay-to-play scandals,' he said”...

READ OUR BOOK ---> “Clean House: Exposing Our Government’s Secrets and Lies”

 Tom Fitton’s newest book, Clean House, powerfully lays out what Judicial Watch uncovered about the Obama administration during its second term… Hillary Clinton’s secret emails; the Benghazi cover-up; the Obama IRS targeting scheme; stealth amnesty for illegal aliens; and the unprecedented Obama assaults on government transparency and accountability.


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Washington, D.C. 20024

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

WATCH: Bernie's speech at 7pm ET / 4pm PT
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assunto:WATCH: Bernie's speech at 7pm ET / 4pm 

Our Revolution

Paulo Augusto Lacaz -

This evening Bernie Sanders will give a live video address about the future of our country under a Trump administration.

Bernie's speech will begin at 7pm ET / 4pm PT.

It is now more important than ever that we move forward together to defend social, racial, economic and environmental justice. As we face the uncertainty of what a Trump presidency might entail, we must do everything we can to advance the ideals of our political revolution.

We hope you'll tune in to Bernie's speech tonight to learn what's next for our movement.

In solidarity,

Team Bernie

Saturday, November 12, 2016

VICTORY against TPP in the lame duck por 
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Our Revolution

Paulo Augusto Lacaz:

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is dead for now. And that's because of you.

On Friday, the Obama Administration said: "it's up to congressional leaders as to whether and when this moves forward."

Then the media reported what Speaker of the House Paul Ryan's office said: "the Republican leader is standing by comments he made before the election that there would not be a vote in the lame duck."

For all intents and purposes, the Trans-Pacific Partnership is dead for the foreseeable future.

 While we must be vigilant if it comes back to life, this is a victory to celebrate.

It's a victory because of the work you did with Bernie Sanders, with the platform of the Democratic Party, and with Our Revolution. 

You killed the TPP for now. 

You should be very proud of that.

Our Revolution is ready for the fights to come to protect working people in the next four years. 

We must be prepared to fully stop the Dakota Access Pipeline, and to make sure the Keystone XL pipeline is not resurrected. 

We must do everything we can to protect our sisters and brothers who will be targeted by the racist and xenophobic Trump Administration.

That's why we are asking you directly:
During his campaign for president, Bernie Sanders never let up his attacks on the TPP. 

Our political revolution made it a critical issue for the nomination.

During the Democratic National Convention, more than 2,000 of us marched in Philadelphia to show opposition to the TPP.

In two months, you made more than 50,000 calls into Congress, and our volunteers led teams that connected constituents to important members of Congress. 

We flipped key votes and made it clear it would not be acceptable to support TPP in the lame duck – or ever.

The movement we built has brought down, at least for now, the Trans-Pacific Partnership. 

This was because of the work of union members and environmentalists, farmers and immigrants.

 This was the work of the political revolution.

Our defeat for now of the TPP is a bright spot in a bleak week for our country. 

Let's celebrate our victory, and get ready for the fights to come.

Thank you for everything you do.

In solidarity,

Larry Cohen
Board Chair
Our Revolution

603 2ND ST, NE

Not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee. Our Revolution is a 501(c)(4) organization. Donations to Our Revolution are not deductible as charitable contributions for Federal income tax purposes. All donations are made to support Our Revolution’s general mission and are not designated for any specific activity.
603 2nd St NE, Washington, DC 20002
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Friday, November 11, 2016

It looks like you like Keith

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assunto:It looks like you like Keith

                           Friends of Bernie Sanders

Paulo Augusto Lacaz:

In less than 24 hours, more than 250,000 people signed a petition agreeing with me that Keith Ellison should be the next Chair of the Democratic National Committee.

That sounds to me like people want a political revolution at the DNC and that they want the Democratic Party to move in a very different direction. 

They want a Democratic Party to stand up to the greed of Wall Street, the fossil fuel industry and corporate America, and represent the working people of our country and all those fighting for economic, social, racial and environmental justice.

Now more than ever, that is the Democratic Party we need. That is the kind of Democratic Party Keith will lead.

We like big goals. 

I think we will send an incredibly strong message to the Democratic Party if we can get more than 500,000 signatures supporting Keith Ellison to be the next Chair of the DNC when he formally announces his candidacy on Monday.

You've already added your name to say you support Keith. 

Thank you for building this incredible momentum so far.

You can read more about why I think Keith should be DNC Chair in my email from yesterday, which is included below.

In solidarity,
Bernie Sanders

Friends of Bernie Sanders

Paulo Augusto Lacaz:

The declining middle class is sick and tired of establishment economics, establishment politics, and the establishment media. People are tired of working longer hours for lower wages, of seeing decent paying jobs go to China and other low-wage countries, of billionaires not paying any federal income taxes, and of not being able to afford a college education for their kids – all while the very rich become much richer.

Voters know these problems — yet they chose Donald Trump as their next president. 

That means the Democratic Party needs to look itself in the mirror and work tirelessly to become once again the party that working people know will work for their interests.

That's why I believe that Rep. Keith Ellison is the right person to lead the Democratic National Committee.

Keith is one of the most progressive members of Congress, and he was an early supporter of our political revolution. He is a co-chair of the House Progressive Caucus, a strong believer in grassroots politics, and someone who would be enormously effective in leading the Democratic Party against President Donald Trump.

You cannot be a party which on one hand says we're in favor of working people, we're in favor of the needs of young people but we don't quite have the courage to take on Wall Street and the billionaire class. People do not believe that. You've got to decide which side you're on.

Keith Ellison knows the importance of rejecting the policies of the political establishment and wealthy campaign contributors. He is prepared to take on the billionaire class and all forms of bigotry. He vigorously supports a $15 minimum wage, opposes fracking and dangerous oil pipelines, and he wants to get big money out of politics.

I don't think the political establishment and the billionaire class would like Keith Ellison as the DNC chair. Good.

Keith also understands the stakes of what might happen under the Trump Administration. 

He knows just how dangerous it will be for Muslims, people of color, immigrants, our LGBT sisters and brothers, and so many others. His experience and perspective would be key to leading the fight against Trump.

I'm sure a lot of you have some feelings about the Democratic National Committee. 

The truth is that it is an important entity to build, support, and maintain if we are to have the chance to organize and win in the coming elections while Trump is president.

We must also do everything we can to elect Democrats to Congress in 2018, and to take back the White House in 2020. 

We need a Democratic National Committee led by a progressive who understand the dire need to listen to working families, not the political establishment or the billionaire class.
That is why I support Keith Ellison to be the next Chair of the Democratic National Committee, and why I hope you'll join me in advocating for him to lead the DNC.

We have a lot of work ahead of us. Thank you for being a part of our political revolution.

In solidarity,

Bernie Sanders
 Paid for by Friends of Bernie Sanders
PO BOX 391, Burlington, VT 05402
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Saturday, November 5, 2016

My Answer to the Question--Why on Earth Would Anyone Vote for Bernie?
My Answer to the Question--Why on Earth Would Anyone Vote for Bernie?
by jenny miller 
Thursday Nov 3rd, 2016 2:05 PM
With the general election a few days away, more and more details are coming out about the crimes and corruption of both worser-of-two-evil candidates. While many progressive voters are leaning towards Jill Stein, she does not have a chance of winning this time around. In this article I explain how Bernie still has a path to the White House in 2017, and why it is imperative that we vote for him.
The reason we are writing in Bernie is because he is the person who won the primary, and we believe in democracy. Even after all the election fraud we saw happening in state after state during the primaries, Bernie still won the first floor vote at the DNC convention, and some observers say there were actually two floor votes that he won. It was only when the superdelegates were trotted out, representing no one but themselves and their corporate colleagues, that it was made to appear that Hillary had won the nomination. Not only did Bernie win the primary, all polls show Bernie coming in ahead of any other candidate in the general election, even when he's not technically running. Isn't that what our democracy is? The candidate that the most people want to have as president is the one who is voted into office? 

Voting for Bernie is not a feel-good protest vote. Bernie still has a path to the White House. (Jill Stein does not in this election cycle.) The path is described as opdeny270. To summarize, most states are winner takes all: whoever gets the most votes wins that state's entire Electoral College vote. A candidate needs 270 electoral votes to win. If Trump and HRC are running neck and neck, as they currently are, one state going to Bernie could prevent either of them from getting the 270 votes. The most likely state for this to happen in is VT, where some polls show him significantly ahead of the other candidates--but he is so widely beloved in many states that it's possible that he could win electoral votes in more than one state. 

There are eleven states that will definitely count write in votes even if the candidate did not sign up or register. These are Vermont, CA, WI, WY, OR, WA, AL, IA, NH, RI, NJ plus DC. The deny270 strategy is for people to vote for Bernie in these states, and Jill Stein in the remaining ones, where votes for Bernie will not count. If no one gets 270 votes, the vote for president then goes to the newly-elected House of Representatives. There will be new Berniecrats in office. The Republican leaders hate Hillary with a passion and most of them have been denouncing Trump in recent weeks. By law, they would have to choose from the top three electoral vote-getters so that would leave Bernie. He has a unique ability to appeal to people across party lines. (Some people have wondered why Jill Stein could not end up in the third place position for consideration in The Electoral College? That won't happen. because at best, Jill Stein's supporters are hoping she'll get 5-15% of the vote. She is largely unknown to most americans and there is no chance she will come in ahead of all other candidates in any of these "winner takes all" elections.) 

As far as the oft-heard refrain that "Bernie does not want to be president any more," it's hard to for me to fathom how anyone can seriously believe this. He sacrificed what are supposed to be his and Jane's relaxing retirement years to campaign his heart out, giving sometimes two speeches a day to crowds of thousands all over the country. Even his younger aides couldn't keep up. The primary was stolen from him in many states and again at the convention. He got stomped--and wanting to retain his position of power in the senate, he endorsed Hillary. BERNIE NEVER DROPPED OUT OF THE RACE. He never conceded to Hillary at the convention. He did not call for a vote by acclamation, but instead recommended that Hillary be "selected" as the nominee, a fitting way to describe the victory of someone who didn't actually win. And when a write-in organizer recently called the FEC to see if Bernie was still listed as a candidate, they replied "Yes. He would have let us know if he was dropping out." Bernard Sanders is still listed on their website as a candidate for President. 

Although Bernie is unable to officially endorse the write-in effort without losing his position in the senate if HRC were to win, he did actually say on video recently that he supported the write in campaign in VT. Which as I explained above, is the key state for this strategy. He also said on the Bill Maher show a couple weeks ago that he wishes it was him that was running for president right now. 

There are many other clues as to his true feelings, some of them coming from Jane Sanders' tweets: When a saboteur named Nicole Guerin who was pretending to be a write-in-Bernie organizer, announced to the world that she privately met with Jane Sanders, and that Jane told her that people should not write in Bernie, Jane Sanders immediately sent out a tweet to set the record straight. Jane said the story was completely fabricated, was untrue, and she would never tell people not to support Bernie, or who to vote for. A write-in Bernie activist named Donald Kronos had a chance to talk to Bernie when he was in CA a few weeks ago. He told him he was a CA Bernie elector (Electoral College electors are a CA technical requirement for a write in vote for Bernie) and Bernie responded with a yuuuuge smile and words of appreciation and gratitude. You can see Donald Kronos' description of this encounter on youtube, which he posted as an introduction to a clip of the Bill Maher tape I mentioned. 

I'll end my article by describing a dream that someone posted on facebook. She was at a large legislative-like meeting, sitting next to Bernie Sanders. Suddenly, in the middle of the proceedings she stood up and shouted "Bring Back Bernie." And to her amazement all the legislators in the room then stood up and shouted "Bring Back Bernie." The drumbeat is growing. Whether he will be brought back via the Elector College, or because Hillary is indicted, or because the people demand that the true winner of the primary be allowed to take his rightful place, it's hard to say. There's still time for people, no matter where you live, to phonebank to VT and the other key states (see opdeny270). There's still time to call the DNC. There's still time to vote, and convince your friends to vote. Election fraud investigators Greg Palast and RFK Jr. recommend in "Steal Back Your Vote" that you go to your elections office or other designated early-voting site to vote in person prior to the actual day of the election. You can call your county registrar of voters for times and locations for early voting. If you signed up to be an absentee voter you need to bring the ballot your received in the mail, and the return envelope it came with, plus your ID. 

Bernie took his campaign as far as he could take it before he hit a brick wall. Now it's up to us to take it the rest of the way.
§website if people want to volunteer to phonebank VT
by jenny miller Friday Nov 4th, 2016 11:25 AM

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