Friday, January 29, 2016


Bernie Sanders for President

Bernie Supporters -

Take a look at the response from Bernie's email this morning: this is what it looks like when millions of Americans come together to say they have had ENOUGH of the billionaire class buying our candidates and elections.

If we can keep it up, our campaign is going to reach 3 million individual online contributions before midnight and have the resources we need to fight back against the super PACs who have stepped in to tip the balance against our campaign in the final days before the Iowa caucus.

Bernie supporters making contributions to our campaign today before tonight's deadline
When Bernie first decided to run for president, his greatest fear was that if he were to run a poor campaign or did not do well, that it would be a setback for the ideas driving our campaign. But what we are doing on this campaign is proving that when millions of people come together, there is no limit to what we are able to accomplish.

That’s the message we’ll send on Monday night in Iowa, and your contribution right now ensures we’ll have the resources we need to win.

Can Bernie count on you to make a $3 contribution to our campaign right now? You can do that here 

The strength of our political revolution is not just about how much money we raise, it’s about how many contributions our supporters have made to power this movement.

Thank you for adding yours before midnight.

In solidarity,

Team Bernie

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