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To The Internationalist II


The Internationalist

Subject: Global Development 2.0 – Assessing UN Roadmap

Dear Colleague Mr. Stewart M. Patrick,

Good Night!

The effort of the UN participants is great, but it will only work if the Secretariat Organs of Executive and Departments are under an "Umbrella" of Morals Scientific, ie, which are governed by Systematic Natural Philosophic Laws such as Mathematics, Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Positive Sociology are. This subject is ignored by scientists educated today. This will lead to the fortification of its structural and economic projects that happen to UNION, UNITY and CONTINUITY and ensure that the proposed changes only solidify when the destructions of the amoral principles still in force occur.

I will present my ideas in Global Form, with suggestions in the formationof the "Umbrella", knowing that many of the proposals cannot be implemented at this time; however, they are recorded so that other generations can seek to implement such recommendations.

Here are two links addressing these suggestions to compose the "Umbrella". They are in Portuguese; because the topics are difficult to translate and I do not have deep knowledge of the vernacular English; and currently has no HUMANITY SCCBESME secretariat level to translate such documents. The SCCBESME HUMANITY has only 01 staff in action at the moment. Resources are scarce. I hope you can, with its structure meet this momentary failure.

Using your words:

"So far so good. But how to accomplish these broad shifts?
Here, the report pulls its punches a bit, offering only an "illustrative" (rather than "prescriptive") list of twelve new goals to replace the MDGs. This decision may disappoint some readers. "

I would like to say that some of these proposals are impossible to be performed. I will comment on them below. However this list of 12 topics to be implemented after 2015; was forgotten from one of the most important items, ie item (0.)-

Increase Religion´s Responsibility in Mother Earth Kingdom.

In order to occur brotherhood and the spontaneity of fraternity feeling to be able to transpire donation and willingness to help people it is necessary to know EDUCATE THE HUMAN FEELINGS, to make them less selfish and barbarians, for only by Positive Theoretical Moral Science, also known as Building Science or Scientific Psychology, will become easier to achieve the objectives with the "LIVE FOR OTHERS" and " LIVE WITHOUT LYING ".

 EDUCATE THE HUMAN FEELINGS is to know through pedagogic teaching techniques, how to teach these Mothers and their children; that from conception to the age of 14 years they will know the personality subordinated to sociability; without confronting the interests of Policed Capitalism ​​and supporting moderate consumerism.

But; this subject is of MORAL order, is of Priest fundaments, ie religious or doctrinal theme.

What we need is to be smart and look for ways to strengthen these Religions and receive support us to accept suggestions that do not harm their cults and dogmas, such as my proposal of a "PRIMER GREEN", which would be common to all RELIGIONS, aiming to educate Future Mothers, so that they can educate the feelings of their children. A woman has every freedom to choose the religion that most closely resembles their spiritual needs.


Let’s go now comment on five proposals of 12 post-2015 development goals:

1. End Poverty
2. Empower Girls and Women and Achieve Gender Equality
3. Provide Quality Education and Lifelong Learning
4. Ensure Healthy Lives
10. Ensure Good Governance and Effective Institutions

1) End Poverty
Since the best economic and financial system is The Policed Capitalist, with moderate control of consumerism, where only the Merit (Capacity, Competence, Altruism and Social Position) of each individual puts into practice its success or not, it will always occur in society the poor and rich,  but; a worthy poor and a condescend rich. What we have to accomplish is to reduce demand ranges between millionaires and miserable. Look for, to create a middle class, to sustain policed capitalist economic system.

2) Empower Girls and Women and Achieve Gender Equality
    Thanks to the Good God of theologians humans were not created equal to each other. Equality: only with reference the opportunity. Through differences that may occur Unions, Units and Continuities in HUMANITY development, where Progress (Proletarian) is subordinate to the Order (Employer).

Check the articles in the links below; which talks about this issue:
 Continues at the link below

3) Provide Quality Education and Lifelong Learning
First we set, for better understanding of the texts presented here, what is Education and Instruction. Both educate, but one educates the Human Being to know to subordinate their Selfish Feelings under Altruists Feelings; without losing the personality. Education of Instruction refers to learning the Laws of Natural Sciences and their respective technologies. I propose to collaborate by SCCBESME HUMANITY, in relation to the FEELINGS EDUCATION.

4) Ensure Healthy Lives

There is the need to combat organic foods and minerals that cause bad nutrition in order to satisfying the greed of hunger, but they cause serious diseases in Human Being.
Another important factor is the influence of social environment in Harmony and the Mental Disorder of individuals. The SCCBESME HUMANITY is able to collaborate.
10) Ensure Good Governance and Effective Institutions

With respect to this subject, I suggest that you get to know the actionplans proposed by SCCBESME HUMANITY; to combat corruption.

I am proposing an Effective Institution - A new structure of state in a New Political Regime; which is not Communist or Fascist or Nazism, but it is more democratic than the one currently in force.

 Hoping to have collaborated with new ideas, wish you,

Health, with respect and fraternity,
Paulo Augusto LACAZ

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