Saturday, May 3, 2014

To The Internationalist III

Dear Colleague,
I agree!

Really the big issue of the USA and others nations, is in its internal conduct. According to my Doctrine of scientific nature based on the Positive Moral and Sociology Sciences, indicates that any civilization, to maintain its existence, which is figuratively formed by a tripod of three ” oscillating vectors” – the Intellectual Scientific Capital, Moral Scientific Capital and Material Capital ($) must be controlled to define and planning a development, with a little anarchic Progress and no retrograde Order, knowing quantitate each these legs of tripod. Otherwise it falls!
In the USA the fragile leg of this tripod is the Moral Capital has brought the imbalance of the American Society porch, which is supported on this tripod. Each Nation has a tripod support.
But to correct this weakness, the result is slow and gradual and that overlaps actions are not provided: short, medium and long term, the amorality that has a power of silent destruction than the atomic bomb; that destroys internally the Nation at long-term.
Abraham Lincoln once said
“What is Morally Wrong Cannot be Politically Correct” – posted in U.S. Capitol.
Sincerely, I wish you
Health, with respect and brotherhood,
Paulo Augusto Lacaz

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