Tuesday, November 11, 2014

III INTERNATIONALIST - The Future of Human Dignity—and Human Rights

  • Posted by Paulo Augusto Lacaz
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    Dear Friends and Colleagues,
    Unfortunately most intellectuals today are unaware August Comte philosopher´s works, the Originals that has to be understood; we have that knowledge a LEXICON, to clarify the terms utilized by him.
    Otherwise nothing will understand the language of the texts contained in his Work, on the Positive Sociology Science and about Positive Moral Science or Construction Science or else Scientific Psychology; with its Natural Laws.
    I’m supply two links work performed by me for you that are near the power of the Economic Capital ($), they may know something of power on Scientific Capital – indicated in the Natural Laws of Sociology Science and Positive Natural Laws of Moral Capital, which form the Tripod that create SOCIETY stability or instability.
    Subjects that make up these two links are in Portuguese. Use Google Translate to English.
    You have a structure that can provide secretarial support; because I would run a great risk in doing the version creating mistakes, greatly damaging the work that is fully right.
    The employment market is filled with people that have profoundly English know, but they know nothing of the contents of this subject.
    When SCCBESME HUMANITY will be structured this issue will be resolved.
    Good luck in Reading!
    Sincerely I wish everyone,
    Health, with respect and fraternity.
    Paulo Augusto Lacaz

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