Monday, July 25, 2016

Thank you, Bernie Sanders - VoteVets
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data:25 de julho de 2016 12:22
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Paulo Augusto, 

In just a few hours, Senator Bernie Sanders is set to take the stage at the Democratic National Convention. 

Throughout the primary campaign, the veterans, military family members, and their supporters who power VoteVets demonstrated a strong affection for the senator. And it's no surprise. 

He worked hard in the Senate to pass comprehensive legislation to improve veterans' health care, job training, and education benefits -- and he did it before the VA scandal came to light. He was a powerful voice against the war in Iraq, and recognized that if we are going to commit our men and women to war, the cost of continues long after the last service member comes homes. 

We are all united in the effort to defeat Donald Trump, but tonight is a night to thank Bernie Sanders for his work on behalf of veterans, and issues he brought to light during the primary. So, please join us: 

The theme of the convention tonight is unity, and we are all going to do whatever we can do to defeat Donald Trump. VoteVets is running some of the largest television buys in the campaign to do just that. But unity requires us to to recognize the accomplishments of both campaigns, and we hope you'll add your name to thank Senator Sanders for everything his "political revolution" brought to this race. 

All my best, 

Jon Soltz 
Iraq War Veteran & Chairman 

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