Monday, October 24, 2016

Urgent Situations

de:Bernie Sanders
para:Paulo Augusto Lacaz <>
data:24 de outubro de 2016 17:15
assunto:Urgent situations

Friends of Bernie Sanders

Paulo Augusto,

Election Day is in two weeks, and we cannot allow the Koch brothers and other billionaires to buy elections throughout the country. 

Let's stand together and elect strong progressives who are fighting for real change – fighting to stand up for working families, the elderly, the children, the sick and the poor.

 Let's support candidates who are prepared to take on the fossil fuel industry and transform our energy system away from coal and oil into energy efficiency and sustainable energy.

Our candidates are working hard and, in many cases, the polls show the races are very close. 

It is likely that the outcome will be decided by a few votes – one way or the other. Let's make sure that our candidates are on top.

I want to tell you about these candidates, their close races, and the billionaires trying to defeat them. 

In California, Jane Kim – one of the first candidates I endorsed, and who won her incredibly close primary because of your support – is facing an outrageous amount of outside spending in her race for state senate. Billionaire-funded groups have spent $500,000 attacking her in just the last three weeks, with more sure to come. 

Jane is a true progressive, and she can defeat the big money interests if we are prepared to stand behind her.

In my home state of Vermont, Sue Minter is the Democratic nominee for Governor. 

She will be a strong leader in making higher education tuition free for all, and in the struggle against climate change. 

But a new poll shows she is one point behind the Republican nominee, who is receiving strong support from billionaires around the country. In my view her running-mate David Zuckerman, a family farmer and food activist, will be the most progressive Lieutenant Governor in the country. He is an outstanding member of the state senate who has taken on powerful special interests throughout his career.

Proposition 61 in California would lower prescription drug prices and challenge the price gouging of Big Pharma. 

As you might imagine, drug companies don't like it very much. 

They are spending more than $100 million to defeat this initiative, and just added another $22 million last week.

 A victory in California against the greed of the pharmaceutical industry is a victory for all of us.

Big oil companies want to defeat Eloise Reyes in her race for state legislature in California.

 Chevron has donated millions of dollars to outside groups trying to defeat Reyes because they know she would hold them accountable in the fight against climate change.

With just 15 days until the election, we need your support to expand our political revolution. 

Great candidates are being overwhelmed with huge contributions from the Koch brothers and other billionaires. 

Let's fight back and help our candidates win.

In solidarity,

Bernie Sanders

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