Sunday, January 15, 2017

Agatha Jecker

Dear Colleagues,

      My Tetra Grandmother , a Swiss German, who had arrived in Rio de Janeiro in 1819, with 10 years old. She was energetic, hardworking, educator, moralist and midwife, Agatha Jecker.

    Follow the history of my family with this great lady.

     She was Born in  Soletour Canton in Erschivil City.
   She married in 1831, with a french, Antoine Lacaze that had three sons. The son François Lacaze was my great-grandfather, who was father of my grandfather - Rogêrio da Silva Lacaz and finally my father Paulo da Silva Lacaz.

  I have everything detailed. Look at these slides:  

Sincerely, I wish you,

Health, with respect and fraternity,
Paulo Augusto Lacaz

PS: This slide was built by my brother Luiz Henrique Lacaz 

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