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Mr. Donald J. Trump
PRESIDENT of the United States of America
The White House
1600 – Pennsylvania Ave. NW. 
Washington, DC 20.500

         Subject:   ABORTION

Dear President,

I think that this article helps support your good intentions toward the American civilization, in regard to the matter in question.

Please, it would be very useful for American society, if You were to read the book - Abortion Yes or No? of João Araújo, who reports in detail what happens in the USA, with this Article about abortion, which is really terrible. I get nothing with this indication.

  I will highlight some topics so that You can acquire such this book and interact in more detail about this barbarity.
  The book is divided into four parts:

1) analyzes the main ideas related to abortion. The issue is taught and debated in the most prestigious universities in the world, where there are dozens of doctoral theses on the subject; some of the most expert in this area, externalize their thoughts, by which it is natural to think that there are ideas. That's why you need to expose them.

2) The second part deals with the reality of abortion. To abort is to do something, not to argue or to speak in the abstract.

3) In the third phase, these "slogans" are gathered and analyzed, which have been judged to be more representative. We no longer discuss ideas or realities, but simple sticks that people throw at random; in defense of its opposition. Although slogans do not involve value data, discussing them has become commonplace in our country where they have forgotten the Ideas, have forgotten the reality and are limited to a handful of repeated pitfalls even by social groups.

 4) In the last part, some Portuguese institutional texts are analyzed. Advice on prenatal diagnosis; two agreements on abortion, and finally the questions posed to the Portuguese in the referendum of June 28, 1998.

The book has 188 pages. I'm going to go through the last three pages that are Conclusion.

 "Abortion is going to be banned in the U.S. This is the only certainty within this mess."

            Abortion is a disaster for physical health, and every year new scientific articles emerge revealing previously unknown effects. The situation is so serious that many of the main activists of the right to life say that to end legal abortion, it is enough to reveal the effects it has on health.
            The effects on mental health are even more terrible. There are even those who admit that no woman can escape the mental disorders that follow an abortion. One of the most sinister adverse reactions; consists of the woman who aborted trying to get other women to abort. If I can not clean unless we all get dirty. This is all terrible and you can only appeal to women, to abstain from this horror.
            The effects on children and parents, when they do not want the abortion, are very serious, to live with abortion.

             If the baby can be killed, for reasons of abortion, because it can not be used in experiments; why can not their organs be withdrawn; because that can not be generated for a single purpose of being an organ donor. And if all these shocks, because the baby is not that nothing; this vegetable or that tumor that the defenders of abortion pretend to affirm. And worse now is that women will sell the baby to provide stem cells.

            Legal abortion leaves women completely at the mercy of all kinds of pressure. They may be forced to abort under affective blackmail; men feel unresponsive because if the woman did not abort, it was because she did not want to. They may be pressured to abort on pain of losing their job; can be pressured to abort due to inheritance, etc. It is a sea of black possibilities, which legal abortion puts at the service of the new slavers.

             The doctors withdraw from the abortion leaving it to the scum of the profession. This is so certain, the lack of qualified abortionists is so great that after legalizing abortion in the USA to end clandestine abortion, the great struggle of the pro-abortion forces at this moment is to achieve the legalization of abortion done by anyone.

            The defections of pro-abortion groups are daily.
Even if there were no defenders of the right to life, the pro-abortion group would be extinguished, because only together do people unite around death, selfishness and misery; and many few around altruism. The only open question is to know how many more children will have to die before blindness, this periodic blindness that attacks men, which attacked the slavery, which attacked the Nazis, fade up and everyone can see the abortion as it really is: the Greatest Abomination of History.

From a theoretical point of view, abortion has no basis. It is not possible to defend and justify deadlines, it is not possible to show that abortion is acceptable; nor is it possible to prevent the march of death from gathering more and more classes of people.

If you can kill a cute, cheap and potentially useful baby; why cannot you kill an ugly old man, senile, expensive, boring and without a future? But we will all be one day this old; and if the culture of death continues to gain ground we will die buried: in each family, we will see an enemy, in each doctor a murderer. The doctor who accepts money to kill babies will accept money to kill old people.

Abortion is sustained by a lot of lies and dishonesty. We have seen how it was legalized in some countries, and the low politics that surrounded the process in the USA is known to all. But if abortion were good, if it were fair, if it were the necessary future, why should we resort to such dishonesty?

The whole process is too much like the lie and selfishness that surrounded slavery and Nazism.

A class of human beings arrogates to itself the rights and life of another class, without being able to combine the two ideas with nexus. To enslave it was said that blacks were not people; to kill Jews, it was said that the Jews were not people; to be aborted it is said that Babies are not people. So when you kill yourself inside the mother's womb, it's okay; since it aborts a dead man.

With the advent of new techniques of visualization of intrauterine life, with the popularization of ever more perfect images of unborn babies, with the habit of recording early ultrasound, everything will be combined so that the fetal form is increasingly familiar and so that the baby, before birth, is seen as what it is: a developing Human Being, just like each of us.

How can the abortion position be good, if two photographs of aborted babies are enough, to freeze the blood of anyone? Why do not abortionists show them? Is it because it is too horrible to be seen and tolerated?

"To paraphrase M. Luther King, the law can not force anyone to love a child but can make them respect it." Enough time for her to be delivered, the one she knows, the value of generosity, from love and from life.

It is worth registering in this document, for those who will not have time to read the book, a chapter, which has the title, ABORTED AND LIVE.

Abortion kills, as this is the stated goal of the aborter. However many times the technique fails; and the baby is born alive.

In the USA, on average every day there is a child who tried to have an abortion and was born alive.

We know that the number of abortions in the world is 30 times greater than the number of abortions in the USA; so it is natural to think that every day there are thirty children who wanted to abort but were born alive. In general, these children are born crippled and/or so young that it is impossible to save them (even if this were tried). However, some survive even coming, including - be amazed! - to be people. Following is the testimony of an aborted girl.

    "My name is Gianna Jessen and I'm 19 years old. I was born in California, but currently living in Tennessee.

             I was aborted and I have cerebral palsy. My real mother was 17 years old and she was seven and a half months pregnant when she decided to have a saline abortion. I am the person she aborted. But instead of dying I survived.

        Fortunately for me, the aborter was not in the clinic when I was born alive; by six o'clock in the morning, on April 6, 1977. I was precocious: my death was not planned for before 9 o'clock, at a time when the aborter should start work. I'm sure I would not be here today, in case the abortionist was in the clinic; since his work is to kill, it is not to be saved.

            Many people who witnessed my birth: my mother and other very young girls who were in the clinic waiting for their babies to die. I was told that my birth was a time of hysteria. Nearby was a nurse, who took the initiative to call the medical emergency and they transferred me to a hospital.

  I stayed there, for about three months. At first, there was not much hope, because I weighed only 900 grams. Today already survived babies younger than me.

           Once a doctor told me that I had a great desire to live and that I fought a lot with my life. I just survived and left the hospital being delivered to a nurse. My cerebral palsy was attributed to abortion.

They told my nurse that it was very doubtful whether I would crawl or walk. I could not sit without help.

Thanks to the prayers and dedication of my nurse, and later of many others, I have just learned to sit alone, to crawl and to stand. I started walking with crutches just before age 4. I was legally adopted by my nurse´s  daughter, Diana De Paul, a few months after I started walking. The Department of Social Services did not allow me to be adopted before that.

I continued my physiotherapy due to my disability after 4 surgeries, I can walk without help. It's not always easy. The truth is that I still occasionally fall, although after falling for 19 years, I have learned to gracefully fall.

I'm glad to be alive. I ALMOST DIED.

All day she thanks God for being alive.

I do not consider myself a by-product of conception, a mass of tissues, or any of the titles given to children who have not yet been born. I do not consider people conceived to be any of these things.

I met other people who survived an abortion. All are happy with life.

A few months ago I met another girl who survived a saline abortion. Her name is Sara. He is two years old and also has cerebral palsy, but his diagnosis is reserved. She is blind and has many scars. The aborter in addition to injecting saline into the mother's womb also injected the baby. Sara was injected into the head. I could see what parts of his head gave him the injections.

When I speak I do it not only for myself, but for all the other survivors, with Sara, and for those who can not yet speak.

Today a Baby is the only Baby when it comes at the right time. When the height is not right, it is considered here in my homeland in the USA, as a lot of fabric or something.

A baby is a Baby when a miscarriage occurs at 2, 3 or 4 months. Why is this so? I do not see any difference. What difference do you see? Many close their eyes.





              "What is morally wrong cannot be politically right."

Abortion is morally wrong.

        Our Country (USA) is shedding the blood of the innocent.

       The USA is killing your future.

 All life has value. All life is a gift of our Creator.

We have to take care of the gifts that have been given to us, so we have to honor the right to Life. "

This testimony was made before the Constitution Subcommittee of the House Judiciary Committee on April 22, 1996.


SEND ALL THE SENATORS AND Supreme Court of the United States.



          Paulo Augusto Lacaz

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