Thursday, August 4, 2016

If Bernie Sanders’ Supporters Campaign for him in a Disciplined, Strategic, Sharply Focused Way, he will Win and Win Decisively


       It is now clear to all that the DNC, in every way it could find or invent, disenfranchised millions of Democratic Party voters who voted for or had the intention of voting for Bernie Sanders. The DNC, under the corrupt and totally discredited Debbie Wasserman Schultz, rigged everything they could against the popular and ethical Bernie Sanders and in favor of the sketchy, widely disliked and untrustworthy Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton, not elected by the membership of the Democratic Party in a democratic process but selected by a tiny Democratic Party elite, principally represents the interests of her backers and sponsors, ruthlessly greedy and exploitative Billionaire Class types such as Goldman Sachs and various other banksters and corporations. The latter includes all those, such as the Clinton Foundation, who profited and grew enormously fat and powerful on the bakc of the bloody and destabilizing regime change wars instigated and promoted by Hillary Clinton, who have for decades mercilessly held down and impoverished hundreds of millions of working-and middle class US citizens. The Democratic Party Establishment seems to expect that their corruption will, as usual, be grumbled about but in the end accepted by a broken and supine people. There are times when those people, for the sake not just of themselves but for the world they wish their children to inherit and grow up in, absolutely must show they are capable of getting up and defending what they believe in. At such times they must unite in their millions, strong against tyranny, even when that tyranny emanates from people habituated to wielding enormous power over them and who pretend to represent freedom and democracy while all the time, for the overwhelming majority of the population they steadily reduce both.

Never give up! They only win if you give up. 2016 Upcoming Elections Schedule - Election Deadlines:
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The disreputable elite or oligarchy of Big Money appointees who currently govern and run the DNC for their own ends have always claimed they treated Democratic Party presidential candidates equally and without bias. Now, however, it is revealed that they misled and deceived the nation to a massive extent about that. Most people, given the choice, would not fund a political organization that deliberately lied to and deceived them. Clearly there has been something like a breach of contract here. Unless the DNC can successfully argue in a court of law that it is acceptable and established practice in the US for political parties to misrepresent and lie to their grassroots supporters about their aims and modus operandi in order to secure membership fees and votes, they very much appear to be guilty of perpetrating a huge fraud on the majority of the Democratic Party’s membership.
Bernie Sanders, together with respect for democratic process, has been the principal victim in this scandal and Hillary Clinton the major beneficiary. In the matter of endangering national security for 4 years through her use of a private server Hillary Clinton has proven she is, de facto, way above and beyond the reach of the law and of justice, with even the director of the FBI and the Attorney General covering for her. The nation has now to actively decide whether it is willing to stomach and tolerate such profound corruption in its self-styled “advanced democracy” or whether to demand the rule of law and ethical practices in their political parties and a thorough and immediate cleaning up of the Democratic Party. The situation must either be remedied immediately or the nation is happy to be run by corrupt individuals imposed on them by corrupt political machines that represent a disproportionately powerful but tiny minority. It is damaging and deeply insulting to the people of the US to be offering them nothing better than a very unclear choice between “the lesser of two evils”, fearmongers both as well as warmongers, inveterate liars and supreme manipulators of the public via their control and use of corporate media to misinform and disinform. The people have an unalienable right to demand they be treated with respect by the Establishments of their political parties. The people have the right to be offered a highly popular presidential candidate, someone such as Bernie Sanders, of unimpeachable integrity and honesty, a lifetime of active experience, intelligent vision, dedication to securing the very best for the people, all of the people. It is no more acceptable for Hillary Clinton to be permitted to hold onto her ill-gotten electoral gains than letting any other person who has made a career out of criminal deception or theft hold onto theirs. There is even RICO legislation to make that point. Bernie Sanders must have restored to him what is rightfully his, including the Democratic Party's nomination as their presidential candidate. Debbie Wasserman Schultz was only the tip of the iceberg in the multifaceted and complex electoral scandal of deception and bias now known as #HillaryGate. When we stand together there is nothing we cannot accomplish, but when we are divided, the big money interests will always win.
Bernie Sanders' platform is one he has the integrity to unfold. Hillary Clinton, in order to lure his supporters will promise it all, but item by item she will find reasons not to do anything substantial, radical or progressive. As Barack Obama observed of Hillary Clinton, Hillary Clinton, “She’ll say anything and change nothing.”
     Hillary Clinton comes to DNC2016 discredited and morally bankrupt. It is time she stepped aside and allowed a candidate, Bernie Sanders, never so desperate to win at any cost that he would, as Hillary Clinton did, cheat, disenfranchise and suppress voters, lie, deceive, say anything, whether she meant it or not, to win. The only thing Hillary Clinton has going for her is the blackmail “If you don’t vote for Hillary you will get Trump”. Now it looks more and more that “If you vote Hillary, you will get Trump”. For the sake of the Democratic Party and for the people of the US Hillary should have the good grace to step down and endorse Bernie Sanders, especially as she has recently pretended to embrace most of his platform in order to win his endorsement and lure his supporters over to her side, having comprehensively rigged elections against Bernie Sanders. Those who are satisfied with the resignation of the corrupt and corrupting Debbie Wasserman Schultz need to take into account that she was working not for herself but directly for Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton never called on DWS to be even handed or honest. It is Hillary Clinton needs to demonstrate to the nation that she is not someone above the law, either when she endangers national security for 4 years through use of her private server or her fully reaping the benefits of a self-selected, self-serving Democratic Party elite’s rigging elections in her favor and against Bernie Sanders. It is a principle that ought to be respected that unethical and/or criminal behavior should never be rewarded, and particularly not be rewarded with the US presidency.

#VoteClintonGetTrump #StillSanders #BernieJillDreamTicket #WeThePeople #WhenWeFightWeWin ___________________________________________________ Hillary Clinton - “She’ll say anything and change nothing”: ___________________________________________________ Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party elite who actively work for her and against Bernie Sanders are currently demonstrating their full lack of good will, honesty and respect for basic democratic principles. Having disenfranchised and suppressed millions of potential voters for Bernie Sanders, they continue to insult and exclude supporters of Bernie Sanders and stage manage the DNC2016 in totalitarian style. There is a daily diminishing possibility of Hillary Clinton’s, even with all her team’s rigging and control of much of the corporate media output, achieving the coronation she and her corporate backers seems so desperately to crave, at whatever cost to democracy and the self-respect of the country and pushing aside any consideration of the will of the people: ___________________________________________________ Hillary Clinton’s and DNC’s Corruption and Sabotage of Bernie Sanders’ Campaign. WikiLeaks Release Of DNC Emails: Jill Stein Drops The Mic ___________________________________________________ WikiLeaks - Hillary Clinton emails: ___________________________________________________ Secrecy, suppression of the electorate’s right to know and media-enforced censorship of information about endemic, high level corruption, once again serve as the DNC’s and Hillary Clinton’s greatest friends. Facebook admits to blocking Wikileaks links in DNC email hack: ___________________________________________________ People are sick of the corruption emanating from Hillary Clinton and the DNC and they want democracy and a good future for their children and grandchildren : ___________________________________________________ Bernie Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver said his team was "disappointed" by the emails from the Democratic National Committee leaked through WikiLeaks, which seemed to reveal staff in the party working to support Hillary Clinton: ___________________________________________________ New Progressive Voice - Why Bernie Sanders may have endorsed Hillary Clinton and why we should, nevertheless, stick by him: ___________________________________________________ Sanders vs Clinton and Trump (interesting view from Basalat Raja): ___________________________________________________ Shelly Battista - “After the New Hampshire event, three of us ran into Peter Mellinger, a DNC staffer with her campaign. He asked us Bernie supporters a question, What can they (DNC) do to earn our support? But the question is really, What can you all do to help us with the situation we (DNC) created? Here is my response. Enjoy.” ___________________________________________________Tony Brasunas - Why Many Intelligent Progressives and Independents Will Not Support Hillary Clinton:

A brief reminder, why you are a Bernie Sanders supporter: _________________________________________________________
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A brief reminder, why you are not a Hillary Clinton supporter. Top economist, UN advisor and climate activist, Jeffrey D Sachs, "Clinton is a danger to world peace". _________________________________________________________ Corporate Media, even moderately reputable papers such as the UK’s Guardian, have an inbuilt bias against Bernie Sanders. This article, for example, does not even once mention his name as a highly viable and popular contender: _________________________________________________________ 10 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Supporters are Still So Angry at Bernie Sanders: _________________________________________________________ "Clinton Cash film aims to cause likely Democratic nominee maximum damage" according to The Guardian - Bernie and Jill supporters, please make sure it actually does:
The Tangled Clinton Web • Clinton Cash - investigative journalism: _________________________________________________________ Not only is Hillary Clinton deeply corrupt but she effectively has corrupted government and associated agencies at every level. That renders her wholly unfit to be a candidate for the presidency. Hillary Clinton’s political reach is enormous. Barack Obama, who enthusiastically endorsed her, the US State Department, the FBI, the DOJ all acquiesce in her assumption of entitlement to feel herself above and beyond the law:
“Hillary Losing To A Maniacal Fascist Is No Reason To Panic . . . “ Jimmy Dore, excuse the expletives, hits the nail on the head: _________________________________________________________

     Hillary Clinton,selected by the DNC as their presidential candidate, is struggling to beat probably the least competent Republican candidate you could ever imagine. She ought to be roundly beating him, as Bernie Sanders does in all the polls, but instead is barely keeping her head above water and a scandal or two in the next few months will finish her off completely and make Donald Trump a shoo in. That is all an indication of how desperate the Establishment is to retain its grip on power and install for themselves an amenable Big Money candidate who will, no matter what she tells the electorate, guarantee “business as usual” for the Billionaire Class, with fat contracts for arms manufacturers and dealers, more “regime change wars” and a continuation of the US’s endless war against small weak nations on distant continents, a field day for Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Gas, corporations such as Walmart and Monsanto, banksters such as Goldman Sachs. The DNC, that self-appointed self-serving elite who govern the Democratic Party, may resist for a little while longer, but even they are beginning to see, smell and feel that the end is coming for Hillary Clinton’s chances of being president. It is up to us to constantly feed that information to them and let them know that the game is over for Hillary Clinton and it is well overdue for her to step aside and make way for Bernie Sanders who will have, especially with the full backing of the DNC, no difficulty at all in defeating Trump.


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