Tuesday, August 2, 2016

To AFL-CIO August 2016


Dear Mr. Richard Trumka,

I will never abandon Bernie Sanders and never vote for Hillary Clinton nor in Trump.

You came to support Bernie Sanders and then decided to switch sides.

You made a big strategic mistake.

Hillary has is no breath and arguments to defend herself  from her mistakes during discussion and debate with Trump.

Everything indicates that only 9% of the population will vote for Hillary Clinton.

 It's not the money from donations will now make the difference, but  candidates moral conduct.

There is still time HC to give up and support Bernie Sanders.

Why did you choose a liar? It's a big risk! She agree with TPP.

I hope that there will be Bernie Sanders "resurrection" .

I sincerely wish you,
Health, respect and fraternity
Paulo Augusto Lacaz


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Pledge Now to Defeat Trump This Year
We're going to need all hands on deck to stop Donald Trump from taking the White House and to win back the Senate from extremist Republicans. Pledge now that you’ll work to stop Trump from winning in your state this year.
Paulo Augusto,
If we don’t do everything we can now, we might wake up the morning after Election Day and find that Donald Trump is our next president and extremist Republicans still control the U.S. Senate.
They’ll have free rein to push their nightmare agenda—tax breaks for the wealthy, wage and benefit cuts for working people, attacks on our rights to negotiate together for a better workplace, and confirming extreme judges who will continue to roll back our rights to vote. We can’t let that happen!
Trump has a clear record of outsourcing and busting unions. We know he only cares about himself, and not working people.
He’s said that wages are “too high” and has voiced support for dangerous and unnecessary “right to work” laws. He profits from companies that outsource jobs and he produces his products—like Trump-branded dress shirts—overseas. Right now, he’s refusing to negotiate with working people at his Las Vegas hotel who voted to negotiate together to make their workplace safer and for a better living.
Bottom line is Trump is dangerous, divisive and unfit to be president.

In Solidarity,

Richard Trumka
President, AFL-CIO


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