Saturday, June 17, 2017

II - First Answer in English - Welcome to The Sanders Institute

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Date: 2017-06-16 8:14 GMT-03:00
Subject: Re: Reply - Welcome to The Sanders Institute

            Our Revolution
      Subject:  Welcome to The Sanders Institute
               Att:  Mrs. Dr. Jane O´Meara Sanders

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

                I am very happy to have been reminded, as a member of SCCBESME HUMANITY, to join a major Non-Profit Organization, which will bring people together to learn from each other and decide how to make the USA and other countries their allies, Brazil, to get Progress  (Proletarian) solutions, less Anarchic, orchestrated by an Order (Employer) less Retrograde; Focusing on solutions to the Human Feeling Education questions, Scientific / Technological Education; from Justice regarding the Right Laws Subordinate under DUTIES Laws of: Individual, Domestic, Civic or Patriotic; Western, Eastern and Planetary; In the Capital Material ($), with respect to Economic Activity - Corruption; With regard to the Environment - Pollution and the Social and Moral Conflicts of our Societies.

Because I know that you are propagating that we have to learn a lot from each other, I am carrying a New Idea of Political Regime – SOCIETOCRATIC REPUBLICAN, which is not Communist, is not Nazi and is not Fascist. It communes with Policed Capitalism System.

I am sure that we will make The Sanders Institute a REALITY of high World respect; Because we will be United and we will have a supply from a Scientific Doctrine Unity,  to make us resistant, to maintain the necessaries Continuities of our Implanted Suggestions, from our social and moral works.

 As the Sanders Institute Foundation is comprised of leaders dedicated to transforming American Democracy, through Research, Feelings Education, Scientific Instruction, the dissemination and advancement of New Ideas and bold and developmental values, similar to Feelings, Thoughts and To the modes of action, still of the Unknown Brazilian Leaders, who operate in SCCBESME HUMANITY, for the Social and Moral Welfare of the Peaceful Humanity Evolution.

                                        Let's Fight!

I am sure that we will make The Sanders Institute a REALITY of high world respect; because we will be united and we will have a Scientific Doctrinal Base Unit, to make us resistant, to maintain the necessary Continuity, of our Implanted Suggestions, due to our work.

But we will have to take into account in our analysis, about individual American problems, listed below under the influences created by the New World Order, NWO, and now, after 1990 when NNWO was created and in 2017 the situation of NNWO is thus
I enjoy reviewing the opinion of a great American citizen(*): Dr. Steve Pieczenik - By the exposed in  and "Thank you: to all those who are now standing against this corruption, standing for what is right, for the American Nation and I use to say to Humanity itself. Thank youGerald Hartman” (*) He is an American science fiction writer, former United States Department of State official, psychiatrist, and publisher.
Due to this World situation in which we live today, it would be worth trying to request changes in a peaceful way, in recalling a work elaborated by the Positivist Philosopher August Comte -Appeal to Conservatives -      

For us to draw a Strategy, some Tactics and Logistics, Scientifically, within this Educational panorama of Mind or Human Psyche; The Scientific and Technological Instruction, the Art of Judiciary, Medical Art, Political Art and Economic Technology, to apply what we can.

We will have to first among the many Conservatives to contact     Rothschild Group to initiate our suggestions for change.

Following is the listing of the American Problems indicated by The Sanders Institute, in the link:
From now on the comments and suggestions regarding the above-mentioned items will be sent as attachments.

         I reinforce this link, an email sent to OURREVOLUTION, where I show the intentions of SCCBESME HUMANITY and my current problems.
If you want a translation from Portuguese to English, more perfect than the one realized by Google Translate, it is possible to be realized here in Brazil, next to me, to clarify the doubts, with the expert Mr. Eduardo Lobo. He would estimate a budget - Number of man-hours, the value of man-hour (US $ / Hour) and you would pay directly to him. The form of payment you would combine.

Sincerely, I wish you,

Health, with Respect and Fraternity,

Paulo Augusto Lacaz



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