Saturday, April 9, 2016



      PRESIDENT of the United States of America
      The White House
      1600 – Pennsylvania Ave. NW. 
      Washington, DC 20.500
      Cc: Ms. Hillary Rodham Clinton – US Department of State

                              Subject: Washington receives a False Friend!

Dear Mr. President I know it is very difficult to agree with all the interests of our two countries. However it is worth remembering that the attitudes of Brazilians who are part of the Executive of the current government are those of socialists and communists.  

They all hate the US.

If the US strengthens Brazilian economic growth, without caring to interfere in the weakening of socialist and communist leaders led by President Dilma in domestic policy, the sympathies of young Brazilians will always be contrary to Americans.

As Brazil has no military and no atomic weapons, it gets from US Republican Party-style policies, by persuasion and conviction procedures and veiled lies, the means to obtain its commercial advantage.

President Dilma takes no position; she is always “sitting on the wall”, stalling in time with protectionist policies which are seen more as a symptom of cunning, more related to the effects than the causes which generated the problems.

In order to become better friends and partners of the Americans, we have first to solve our home problems.

And to transform Brazil into a policed capitalist state, we have to change the currently prevailing political regime here.

The proposed - Societocratic Republican Regime - scheme does not create any problems for American investors in Brazil, or for Brazilian businessmen who invest in the US. 

I take this opportunity to suggest that you ask the Council on Foreign Relations to pay attention to these new ideas. 

Agreements without the acceptance of public opinion will not succeed.

It is necessary to CHANGE!

 Good luck, in contact with this lady who committed terrorist acts in the past in order to introduce communism in Brazil (Proletariat Dictatorship). 

I think that she has not changed her mind!

Sincerely, I wish you,

Health, with respect and fraternity

Paulo Augusto Lacaz

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