Monday, April 18, 2016

YES MR. BERNIE SANDERS, We are idealists and at the same time realists!

Dear Mr. Bernie Sanders,

Good afternoon!

     When you take over as President of the USA, I will appreciate it very much to have from you as a support to my idealistic dreams, but realistic; to change election Brazil form, as well as judiciary structuring to minimize the Immoral acts like this that is taking place at this time, based on a big lie, to eliminate a great woman of the Presidency Brazil Republic - Ms. Dilma Rousseff.

Look the preliminary idea!     

I sincerely wish you,

Health, respect and fraternity,

Paulo Augusto Lacaz

Bernie Sanders <>
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Paulo Augusto Lacaz <>

18 de abril de 2016 12:03
Are you an idealist?
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                  Bernie Sanders for President

 Dear Paulo Augusto Lacaz,

           Last night, while we were holding our largest rally of the campaign, a top Clinton surrogate told a much smaller audience that Hillary Clinton was under attack, and her supporters needed to "stand up and fight back, stand up against those idealists."

Let me tell you something, Paulo Augusto Lacaz:

There is nothing we have said in this campaign that is pie-in-the-sky, that is utopian. Nothing.

We are the wealthiest country in the history of the world, and we can create an economy where nobody who works 40 hours a week lives in poverty, where health care is a right for all Americans, and where kids of all backgrounds can go to college without crushing debt.

When we launched this campaign, I told everyone they should not underestimate us and that we were running to win. They thought we were pie-in-the-sky then, too.

But tomorrow we have a chance to win yet again — in Hillary Clinton’s own backyard. I need you to continue to fight with me.

The energy, intelligence, and idealism of Americans, especially young Americans, have been the greatest agents for change in this country for generations. 

Those qualities have also powered our campaign from the start, and it’s also what is going to help us take this country back from the billionaire class when we’re elected in November. But first, New York … tomorrow night. I need you with me.

In solidarity,

Bernie Sanders

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