Friday, June 10, 2016


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Lisa Schultz to Colorado for Bernie Sanders: Group
5 hrs
Friends, I spoke to a gentleman in the Secretary of State's office at great length tonight and I wanted to share my findings.
1. You can find the semi-official California election results at
2. Apparently these results include mail-in ballots that were received up to several days before the election as well as most of the regular and cross-over ballots that were received on Election Day.
3. Mail-in ballots that were received closer to Election Day and mail-in ballots postmarked by June 7 will be continue to be counted from now through the end of June. They will also be verifying and counting provisional ballots.
4. Tonight or tomorrow morning, they will post an update on how many ballots they estimate are waiting to be processed at This estimate is based solely on unofficial county updates that are voluntarily reported by county elections officials.
5. I have read credible reports that estimate the number of ballots that have not been counted are between 1million and 1.5million. According to the person that I spoke to, this is not unusual -- this is how it is every election and if the fact that up to 40% of the ballots in the largest state in America do not get counted and announced until 30+ days AFTER the results have been announced to the world, it should.
6. The Whole 9 Gallery was a canvassing location for District 37 and in two weeks, we had at least 200 - 250 people come through here, some taking multiple shifts to canvas in approximately an 3 mile radius surrounding Culver City. When the canvassers came back, invariably they were asked by myself, Soren C. Sorensen and Adrienne Higgins "What'd you see out there?" My conservative estimate for everything I heard was that there were 3 Bernie supporters for every Hillary supporter, but I'd love feedback from Adrienne, Soren, and Alex Leichenger. I would also love to hear from Michelle Manos and Christopher Fleury about what they were seeing at other canvassing locations.
7. Based on the numbers at, Clinton has won 60.2% of the vote in Congressional District 37 thus far.
8. I spend ALOT of time applying common sense to figuring out major problems and projects and there is absolutely nothing that I've seen by being a politically active community organizer who just spent two weeks listening to reports from people canvassing in this area that remotely leads me to believe that Clinton should be winning 60% of the vote in Congressional District 37.
9. Based on the realities that one of Clinton's strategies was securing votes by early mail-in ballots and Bernie's was securing votes by new people showing up on voting day, my belief is that if the remaining ballots were counted accurately, that Bernie would receive at least 60% of the remaining votes which means he might overtake Clinton.
We all know that if Bernie won California, the momentum of the election would have changed. It cannot be denied that the intent of securing additional Superdelegate pledges by the AP Reporter and then announcing Clinton of the nominee on a day that NOT ONE AMERICAN CITIZEN VOTED was to influence the election in Hillary's favor and let the spin machine begin so that if the vote count ultimately shifts in Bernie's favor, it will be too late.
Earlier today, I watched an interview with Bernie after his meeting with Obama and he was asked "What do you think of President Obama's endorsement of Secretary Clinton?" He was so choked up, he couldn't speak and he actually wiped a tear from his eye before someone else stepped in and said "We won't be taking any more questions."
This, my friends, is the democracy we allowed because we did not stand up together soon enough. A democracy that is based on serving the interests of the few at the expense of the many -- at the expense of men like Bernie Sanders who has worked tirelessly for justice and peace his entire life and who, if elected President would have fought every single day for a world where there was more peace, more abundance and more equality for all.
Instead, we've got two candidates who are under Federal Investigation for fraud and corruption. If this is what it takes to make history -- if this is what it takes to get a woman nominated in one of our major parties, I'm not proud -- I am ashamed.
I'm ashamed of my fellow Americans who are so invested in what they have to think about what others don't have, and who because of this, have adopted a win-at-any cost mentality. I'm ashamed of those that are willing to castigate Trump for his odious behavior while turning a blind eye to a female candidate who is willing to cheat, lie and steal her way to the top and who inspires this same behavior in those who are supposed to be public citizens all across the United States.
Some may dismiss me as crazy. Fortunately I could really care less. When I lay my head down at night and when I go out of this world, I will do so knowing that every single day, I not only spoke my truth, but I behaved with integrity and I was in complete alignment with the principles I teach my children and those that I expect of myself.
I will never vote for someone that took the rights of so many away, that so carelessly calls for wars that kills other women's children and who takes and takes and takes without giving anything substantive or real in return to the people she is elected to serve.
I will continue working tirelessly for peace and although the game may be changing, it is far from over and I know that not one moment has been wasted and not one dollar has been misspent.
I have faith in Bernie -- I have faith in the fearless warriors for peace and justice that I met that stepped up and answered the call and ripped back the veil on the Democratic Party.
We can give up or we can stand up. I know what I plan to do -- I plan to make another donation right now at and then I plan to do some phonebanking into Washington DC this weekend,
Let's rock it friends -- we've got a job to do!


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