Sunday, June 5, 2016


Bernie Sanders for President

Dear Compatriots,

  The LA Times came out with some very interesting news on Friday:California's voter rolls swelled by more than 650,000 new voters right before the registration deadline

This presents us with a golden opportunity – we think a big percentage of those new voters are ready to support Bernie.

Needless to say, winning California would be a yuuuge boost for our movement. 

We've come from more than 50 points down when we started, to a statistical tie in the latest polls. So now, it all depends on turnout.

Our staff and volunteers in California are fired up and working virtually around the clock to get all Bernie's supporters to the polls on Tuesday.

 Can you help out on the phones for an hour or two?

If you've never made calls for Bernie before, now is the time to step up. 

It's not a complicated process, and we'll give you all the instructions you need to make these important calls. 

Californians are very receptive to Bernie's progressive message, and if we can pull off a victory there Tuesday, you'll know you played an important role at this pivotal moment of American political history.

We're fighting hard to win California since it's the final and – with 475 pledged delegates up for grabs – biggest state on the primary calendar. 

A strong showing there will give the superdelegates something very important to think about as they consider who will be the strongest nominee against Trump in the fall.

So we hope you can pitch in a couple hours of your time between now and Tuesday to keep our political revolution rolling strong all the way to the convention in Philadelphia.

In solidarity,

Team Bernie

P.S. Download our new Bernie Messenger app to easily text your friends and remind them to vote for Bernie on Tuesday!

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