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Bernie Sanders for President

Paulo Augusto,

A big reason for our tremendous success throughout our campaign has been because we have clearly articulated a vision for the future of America that encompasses social justice, economic justice, racial justice, and environmental justice.

This vision is not only what I want — it's what the 12 million Americans who voted for a political revolution want. 

You want real change in this country, you want it now and are prepared to take on the political cowardice and powerful special interests which have prevented that change from happening.

One place we think the agenda of these 12 million Americans should be reflected is in the official platform of the Democratic Party.

We aren't afraid to think big, and our agenda shows it. It is possible to transform America into a country that unquestionably works for working families and not the billionaire class. 

Together, we have called for a $15 minimum wage, a Medicare-for-all single payer health care system, breaking up the big banks, free tuition at public colleges, a ban on fracking, a carbon tax, and so much more.

The platform matters because it is a document that enshrines the values and goals of the Democratic Party.

It's a document to which we can point and say, "This is what we believe, and this is what we fight for."

And so the Democratic Party has a choice in the coming weeks, and that choice is whether or not to embrace a bold, fearless, progressive platform that has the potential to transform our country for generations.

We need to hear from you about what you think the most important issues are that should be included in the platform.

We're taking our campaign, our values, and our movement to the Democratic convention in Philadelphia. We're excited to bring your thoughts on the party platform too. 

Thanks for being a part of it.

In solidarity,

Bernie Sanders

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