Thursday, September 14, 2017


Dear Mark Zuckerberg,

Good Morning!

                       Shabat Shalom - Baruch Hashem

   You are really extraordinary about this FACEBOOK technology, but I would like to warn you that WISDOM only comes with age and will depend a lot on the environment in which we relate because of the influence of the environment in which we live and supplementary information to those indicated by the Natural Laws of Sociology Science and Positive Theory Moral Science or Construction Science, or even known as Scientific Psychology.

Aristotle, who lived to 365 years before Christ already informed that the WISDOM only comes with the Age, so I want to alert you to a very important item, when it comes to you and your Family with Physical SECURITY, since the WORLD is unfortunately made up of highly dangerous and evil people, so you have to take proper care of yourself by showing your private life on the internet, as there must be evil people thinking about doing evil like you and your family.

Being you a person of pride and vanity at a relatively low level, where he is able to subordinate selfishness to Altruism, and at a young age, you are unaware that there are evil people in whom altruism is subordinated to "destructive" selfishness.

It would be wise to take care of these expositions, especially since they know that you are one of the 4 biggest millionaires in the world.

Take care of yourself and your family.

Hoping to be well understood,

Sincerely, I wish you,
Health, with Respect and Fraternity
            Shalom Aleichem
Paulo Augusto Lacaz - Goi Gadol

.PS: I am preparing a suggestion of a set of strategic information to address your donation, of US $ 70 million, as a merit in the area of Health.

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