Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Dear Mark Zuckerberg
Facebook - President,

Good Morning!

Shabat Shalom - Baruch Hashem

Subject: Philanthropy

 This way of doing Philanthropy without changing the key points of the Social Environment and Positive Moral of Societies will be very hard to give a solid result, for long periods.

But there is no doubt, what you are planning will minimize the suffering of many people.

   As you said, “many countries do not have the infrastructure to detect precociously disease and prevent their spread - and that puts millions of lives at risk around the worldResolve will work with Governments to build these systems to identify and contain outbreaks earlier before an epidemic occurs.

   But as the four pests plaguing the Today World are: The Corruption, The Misery, The Diseases and The Wars, we need overlapping actions.

  As the corruption is favored in most Governments by the types of Political Regime and Judiciary existing today, we have to suggest to politicians that it be supported by a Free Media, with Policed Capitalism Keynesian System.

So then, you will collaborate with philanthropic donations, as long as, for it modifies its Political Regime*, while maintaining its population, with freedom of religious choice; but separating the State from the Churches, accompanied by Children Education Plans, with standards to raise the Religions Responsibility in the Mother Earth Kingdom.

 For that reason, The Misery, The Diseases, and The Wars will be reduced sharply.

For this to occur, we will cautiously request the Conservators License, showing them the advantages of this change; to maintain the Climatic Planet Earth conditions.

Which Conservators should we elucidate our objectives to minimize the 4 pests that inhabit the Planet Earth?

Firstly let us invoke the U.S. Empire Powerful with its Global Government Empiricism, aggravated by the Metaphysical Democratic Regime; and overlapping action contacting the New-New World Order to achieve our goals.

Hoping to have contributed for your Strategy, we aren't here to make only friends. We are here to get the facts out and make a difference.

The difference makes the Union occurs, then the Unity and finally the Continuity.

With your help, we can shake things up even more.

Convoke us!

I wish You and your Wife,

Health with Respect and Fraternity,
                      Shalom Aleichem
Paulo Augusto Lacaz - Goi Gadol 


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