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We are going to run Medicare for all like a campaign

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Friends of Bernie Sanders

Paulo Augusto -

Change never happens from inside of Washington, D.C. Certainly not with this president and not with this Congress.

No, real change always comes from our communities and the grassroots. That's what the history of America is all about. It’s the story of the trade union movement, the women’s movement, the civil rights movement, the gay rights movement and it’s why we have $15 minimum wage happening all over the country.

Because when people get organized and fight for real change, the people win. But when we are silent, the powerful almost always prevail.

So in two weeks, I am going to introduce our Medicare-for-all, single-payer health care legislation. We're going to put together a grassroots movement that organizes people in all parts of this country much like we did during the presidential race.

There will be rallies, buttons, bumper stickers, shirts and most importantly people organizing in their communities across the country. This is not going to be a quick or easy fight. We'll be taking on the insurance companies, the drug companies, Wall Street and all those who make billions in profit from the current dysfunctional system. I cannot do this alone, and I need your help to fund this work:

Yes. We must join the rest of the industrialized world and guarantee health care to all as a right, not a privilege.

Today in America, despite the important advances made because of the Affordable Care Act, 29 million Americans still have no health insurance and even more are insured with outrageously high copayments and deductibles. Further, with Americans paying the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs, many cannot afford to fill the prescriptions their doctors write.

Enough is enough! I am here to tell you that a nation cannot survive morally or economically when so few have so much and so many are struggling to get by.

 A great and decent nation is not one in which “survival of the fittest” reigns. It is not one in which greed is rampant. We must fight to create a nation where we care for each other, and protect the most vulnerable among us. 

We cannot give tax breaks to billionaires and large corporations while people are dying because they can't afford to get to a doctor or buy the medicine they need. 

We cannot allow insurance and drug companies to make obscene profits when families go broke because of outrageously high medical bills.

Our Medicare-for-all, single-payer health care legislation will change that. Not only will it guarantee health care for all people, it will save middle class families and small businesses significant sums of money. It will create a health care system designed to provide quality health care for all in a cost-effective way, not one designed to make billions for powerful special interests.

The campaign to pass Medicare-for-all, single-payer health care is going to be powered by people like you. People who believe that Americans who cannot afford health care don’t deserve to die. So that’s why I have to ask:

If we are still serious about transforming our country, if we are serious about rebuilding the middle class, we need to develop a political movement which is prepared to take on and defeat a ruling class whose greed is destroying our nation.

Through this campaign to pass Medicare for all, we are going to do something people remember decades from today.

 I am sure of it. But I am just as sure that it will only happen if we are all in this fight together.

In solidarity,
Bernie Sanders
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PO BOX 391, Burlington, VT 05402
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