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Bananal, Dante 23 of 217.
Bananal August 12 of 2006. 

Republican Pronounceature

Societocratic Regime

The Pacifist Socialist Government Regime, more adequate socially is the Sociocratic, side of a Dictatorship Republican, instituted systematically for Auguste Comte (1798- 1857) and inhaled empirically for Simon Bolivar (1783-1830), when the Evolution of Humanity had been in Normal Stated it is good for remembering to the men of good faith, that the scientifical solution arrived by Auguste Comte, is not based on religious or sectary ideas, as frivolous, displieascentlly and wrong some proclaim.

The Republican Dictatorship is not a pure invention of Auguste Comte, but yes the fatal result of a long elaboration of the Humanity, through the movement occidental later whom if it dissolved catholic-feudal regime.

It is a form of Scientific Politics, a derivative of the Natural Sociological Laws. Auguste Comte summarized the measures necessary, to the current moment, to regulate the politics direction, on the basis of three rules:

1)   The Government must be Republican and not Monarchic.

2) The Republic must be not Parliamentary, but yes Dictatorial.

2)   The Dictatorship must be Secular and not Spiritual.

We know and agree that all the governments have the name that they will have, are really dictatorships, that is, governments of force, the material force, want are concentrated in one alone person, we call it executive and legislative or distributed between an individual and an assembly.

All governments are established in the money and the weapons.

 Of luck that is so dictatorial the law of a Congress, as a decree of a President.

 What it distinguishes essentially the dictatorships, even so, they are characterized as to be monocracies it is the species of the authority of that if they judge onslaughts.

 In case that if it exclusively makes use only the power to keep the Material Order (secular), they are progressive dictatorships, that is, Republican Dictatorships; if they invade the domain Spiritual, if it also intends to govern the Mental and Moral Order any that are the principles of the well publish invoked, are retrograde dictatorships, anti-republican dictatorships. It is well for remembering that if the Sacerdotal captivate its "sheep" to become Secular Leaders in political government, this is anti-republican and much more strong retrograde dictatorships.

Brazil lives a Highly Retrograde Dictatorship, Today.

 It fits here to remember that the Republican Dictatorship is a form of government taught for the Positivism, but is not a Positivist government.

In summary, the Republican Dictatorship is not one regime absolute in power, but to a oppose it, is most liberal of the governments. Appreciating the philosophical and historical direction of the word dictatorship and dictator, it below follows in order to clarify the men of good faith, the following one:

Dictatorship and Dictator are substantive of the dictate verb to employed in the appeared direction to prescribe, to command, to impose: that the precise meaning is an act to announce some words, that go being written for the somebody else. Thus Dictator is what he prescribes, commands impose something, and Dictatorship is the set of the acts of the dictator. Of luck that applied in politics, the two terms want to say: Dictator - any legal entity, individual or collective, who exerts a government, therefore to the government always fits the function to dictate, to prescribe, to impose orders; e Dictatorship the government exerted for the dictator. Thus, in a general way, it is a dictatorial government, a dictatoriat, as much the democratic government of the French or English Parliament, as it was the antidemocratic one of the Italian Fascism, German Nazism, and the Russian Bolshevism. They had been dictatorships in such a way individual of Camilo or Cesar in Old Rome, as the collective ones of the Advice of the Ten of Medieval Venice, and the National Convention of the France when of the French Revolution. Basically, all the governments of yesterday and of today are Dictatorship.

 Little matters that, if the laws and the decrees have distinct agencies or organ are forwarded by the same agency, to classify the dictatorial government or not. What it really defines dictatorship, is the exercise of the material force in the direction of the Society. All questions are really in the choice of the form of Dictatorship to be adopted, according to time and the place.

Only with Auguste Comte it was the empirically problem decided, however it found the solution systematic, combining the dictatorial with the republic, condensing that one in one alone main, purely monochratic agency, and defining this as regime of the maximum freedom spiritual, characterized for the incorporation of the proletariat in the society, instituting, at last, the Republican Dictatorship. It is good still for remembering, that in the times where it was explicable and justifiable the confusion of them to be able Secular and Spiritual, as in the Old Roman; and me he seems that in Brazil this fashion still persists, almost all the magistrates who first had been called "dictators", had dignified its function forever.

They were true rescuers of the people.

 The Patron Saint Party (Spiritual) of each City, financed by the Prefecture (Secular), that act with retrograde strengthens for the invasion of power.

It writes Pierre Larousse:

The Dictator was an extraordinary magistrate, who if created in the critical times to govern during six months. They called to it in Latin "Dictator", because all obeyed the orders to them.

"Dictator appellatur, quod ejus dicto omnes audientes essent".

He was nominated for the Consuls in virtue of Ordinance of the Senate. Bossuet Said: "the dictatorship was an extraordinary magistracy, that if establish according to a requirement, in all the times of the Republic and one does not form particular of government". For the reasons above displayed, we verify that in the Old Society Roman, the dictatorship was not properly government, but the delegation of government, a provisory magistracy, instituted for the agencies of the Roman Government of the time. Since this time, already the necessity revealed to concentrate the power for exerts it better it. Of luck that the posterior dictatorships that had been appearing, more or less modified, has shown that the trend, each bigger time more is accented, for this concentration. The history has in the shown one, that the condemnable part of the dictatorships, from the sociological construction of Auguste Comte, the directed controllers and if did not only distinguish, that the pair of the concentration, the social evolution also showed the bipartition of the power; the separation do to be able Secular and do Spiritual, reducing the dictatorship to exert only the first one you have to be able. For this, since that respected rigorously I begin it of the separation of being able them, the dictatorships pass of anarchical to the progressive, of absolute in power the liberal ones, become thus true Republican Dictatorships.

However, in the common direction of the term, dictator remembers despot, dictator remembers tyrant.

 The Larousse encyclopedia clarifies them:

 Dictator calls itself for an extension all man that appropriates the power or that he is accused to have appropriated it.

 When Bonaparte penetrated in Brumário, 18 in the “Five Hundred Congress”, was banishes for the members of the House of Representatives to the shouts from:

 "Below the Dictator".

Really for vulgus of the governors and the directed, exist absolutism when the government is exerted by one alone man, who concentrates all in its hands the power, that not only forwards decrees, but also Laws; "and equally this the same thought of Montesquieu and Rousseau, the Metaphysical writers who had inspired the negative phase of the French Revolution, through its famous books -" the Spirit of the Laws "and the" Social Contract ". As the teaches Sociology, and before it simple common-sense, is that the absolutism and the tyranny can exist in such a way in the laws of the Assemblies, as in decrees of the individuals. Many times most of the times, the proper Assemblies alone serve to cloak the absolutism of the individuals, giving to it the false aspect of legitimacy; of luck that is not in the called governments democratic, characterized essentially for the bipartition of the power between Assemblies that Legislate and Individuals that much less decree, that it is the true Republican Organization, in the calls anti-democratic governments, that reduce or eliminate the Assemblies, concentrating the power in the hands of one alone authority, at the same time Spiritual and Temporal, as it was the case of the fascism and the Bolshevism. But in the government that carries through the full conciliation of the most rigorous material order with the amplest freedom spiritual, and that it is the liberal dictatoriat, that is, the Republican Dictatorship or to minimize the real unfamiliarity of the word dictatorship I chose one Synonym, that it expresses the truth and it chose - Republican Pronounceature, to express the government politics form. The exclamation of the Advisers of the Five Hundred, before Bonaparte, must not have been - "Below the Dictator", but :

"Below the Tyrant!  Below the Despot".

He must have been identified and fully justified the exclamation of all the worthy men to be men, ahead of the figures of abominable of the Mussolini, the Hitler, the Stalin - "Below the Tyrants" - all these are anti-republican dictators, but all dictators despots, dictators. The circumstances of these despots to have  practised some good actions, some republican acts, are not enough to exclude them from the roll of the culprits, of the list of the Reprobates, as the fact the Caracalla, the monstrous Roman Emperor, for having intentionally the memorable act to all extend to the Roman Empire, the Citizenship Roman, exactly thus does not free it of the perpetual social conviction. As it wants that it is, the historical truth, the Positive truth, is that the dictatorships not dependent of the predicates that characterize them. They can be liberal and progressive as of Cesar and Danton, or absolute in power and retrograde as of Silas and Robespierre; they can be exerted by great elect of the Humanity, as Sipião and Trajano, or for criminals as Nero and Hitler.

Thus it does not have a rational reason to repel the dictatorships since that they are liberal and progressive.

To legitimize the power, they had invented the popular wisdom, revealed for the election, to substitute the aristocratic hereditary succession. The electoral, effective process on this democracy and any another one is based on two, not truths.

First, that the votes are equal, as much of the good intentioned as of the interested, of the competent ones with the ones of the incompetent people.

Second, the majority has a reason, when in general, it does not have.

 Case if raises numbers it of voters the moral level and intellectual decrease.

 That it forgives me, but the truth is that, in deep this democratic election, it does not pass of an illusion, since the people do not choose nobody, in the maximum decides between candidates presented for the groups most active. The current legitimacy of the government results in the force that represents, therefore, the Society is a Collective Being, but that it only acts as an intermediary of its individual agencies or organ.

 How much the succession, the rule of the temporality is ILLOGICAL.

The administrative continuity allows perfecting the exercise of the public affairs and moves away the vulgar and wild ambitions.

 It is enough to establish the limits of maximum and minimum age the 55 to 85 years, for example; to create a Societocratic Constitution, compatible with a Civil and a Criminal Codes with a Republican Societocratic Federative Municipalist, Laborite/Capitalist.

It is difficult to understand and to comprehend, if in the case of the entrepreneurs and the controllers of religious, cultural and particular institutions, these occupants remain in the ranks while he has forces for exerting them, for one better efficiency, why the governing have that to move periodically?

Since that they keep the Order and the Progress of its Nation, does not have a necessity of changes. The Societocracy has its rituals to guarantee not the abuse of authority of the 


 And the forms Most Moral of substituting it. The Great Bolivar politician affirmed:

 "President Vital with the college to indicate its successor constitutes the inspiration most sublime in the Republican Order."

It is an indication, that will have or not it countersignature of an Assembly, in the negative case, another one is presented Election for ad-referendum.

 It fits here also to alert that the Parliamentarism is one regime adjusted to England and the Presidentialism to the peoples of the European continent, and its pursuer of beyond-sea, especially, the Latins, who less are disciplined.

The Parliamentarism System does not present stability: absence of government and irresponsibility.

How much the democracy, Metaphysical regime, Aristotle, prince of the Philosophers, preferred an elite government and it did not like the democracy, for tending for a tyranny of the majority, formed for the classrooms lowest (Education Instruction/Culture - and of low economic power), that it oppressed the superior layers of the society and did not respect the general principles of a liberal sociability and that, nowadays, had the formation liar of the elite, they deceive the people, making of the democracy a tyrannic dictatorship of the numbers.

They read:

 Health, Respect, and Fraternity,

P.A. Lacaz 

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