Wednesday, November 8, 2017

This is how we win

Our Revolution

Paulo Augusto,

Last night was historic.

 Our Revolution backed candidates claimed victories at every level of government. In cities, towns, and neighborhoods across America, voters showed up for Election Day 2017 and swept progressive candidates into office.

Our Revolution won 21 seats and one ballot initiative, with more results yet to be finalized.

 None of this would have been possible without grassroots organizing.

A growing and dedicated base of Our Revolution members volunteered to make over
132,000 calls and send over 373,000 individual text messages to supporters in key races. Thanks to this massive effort, you’ve helped elect progressive champions that will be part of the vital work of being responsive to the needs of their constituents and rebuilding our progressive bench from the ground up.
These are the candidates you helped elect:
  • Jennifer Carroll Foy, Virginia House of Delegates, District 2
  • Elizabeth Guzman, Virginia House of Delegates, District 31
  • Lee Carter, Virginia House of Delegates, District 50
  • Larry Krasner, Philadelphia District Attorney 
  • Andrea Jenkins, Minneapolis, Minn. City Council, Ward 8
  • Carlos Menchaca, New York City Council, District 38
  • Matt McLaughlin, Somerville, Mass. Ward 1 Alderman
  • J.T. Scott, Somerville, Mass. Ward 2 Alderman
  • Ben Ewen-Campen, Somerville, Mass. Ward 3 Alderman
  • Jesse Clingan, Somerville, Mass. Ward 4 Alderman
  • Will Mbah, Somerville, Mass. Alderman At-Large
  • Jasmin Santana, Cleveland, Ohio City Council, Ward 14
  • Tamaya Dennard, Cincinnati, Ohio City Council At-Large
  • Tristan Rader, Lakewood, Ohio City Council At-Large
  • Gina Morgenstein, Wallingford, Connecticut Town Council
  • Ted Terry, Clarkston, Georgia Mayor
  • Brian Nowak, Cheektowaga, New York Town Council
  • Anita Prizio, Allegheny, Penn. County Council, District 3
  • Mik Pappas, Allegheny County, Penn.  Magistrate, District  31
  • Anna Payne, Middletown, Penn. Township Auditor
  • Noelia Corzo, San Mateo/Foster City, California School Board
  • Mainers for Healthcare (ballot initiative expanding Medicaid access)
   This is only the start. The victories of this election cycle built upon our victories in 2016. This is what this movement is all about. Moment by moment, community by community, election cycle by election, we continue to create a political environment steeped in a commitment to do the work that transforms the lives of people generation after generation. And in 2018, we are going deeper.

As you know, change does not come from Washington.

 On many of the matters most critical to our movement, the change must happen closer to your community. The candidates you helped to elect are fighting for housing justice, criminal justice, justice in education and justice in political representation. Lives will improve because of you.
 These are the candidates that will be the next generation of local, state and federal leaders. Just like Bernie Sanders as mayor, newly elected leaders such as Elizabeth Guzman in Virginia, Larry Krasner in Philadelphia, Tamaya Dennard in Cincinnati and the many others you helped elect last night, will shape our future for years to come.

We are looking forward to many more victories in elections ahead. 

Thank you for being a part of the political revolution.

In solidarity,
Nina Turner
Our Revolution
603 2ND ST, NE

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