Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Bernie Sanders for President

Paulo Augusto -

We are in the midst of a stretch where 27 states will vote or caucus as part of the Democratic primary, with over 2,000 delegates up for grabs. 

It’s no exaggeration to say this is the most important stretch of our campaign.

Secretary Clinton’s supporters are responding:

her campaign is holding at least a dozen high-dollar fundraisers this week, including one last night where some donors paid $27,000 to attend. And one of her Wall Street-funded super PACs has spent millions of dollars to influence a number of the upcoming primaries.

They’re responding this way because we have pulled within a few points in the national polls and ended up winning the Latino vote in Nevada. 

If we can keep it up, we are going to win. But we can’t stop. 

Not now. Not when we are so close and with so much on the line.

 That’s why I need to ask all of my supporters today:

Yes, Wall Street has enormous economic and political power.

Yes, Wall Street has made HUGE contributions to the Clinton campaign and their super PACs. Yes, they have an endless surplus of money.

But we have something they don’t have.

And that is millions of working families standing together and demanding change.

If we keep moving forward together, we are going to win.

In solidarity,
Bernie Sanders

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