Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Bernie Sanders for President

Sisters and Brothers -

When I think about what happened last night, I think the people of Iowa sent a very profound message to the political establishment, to the economic establishment, and to the media establishment.

And what that message said was that given the enormous crises facing our country, it is too late for establishment politics and economics in this country. That we can no longer continue to have a corrupt campaign finance system. And that this moment in our history requires us to think big.

I am overwhelmed and moved by the fact that millions of people throughout the country made last night possible, and that we were able to do it without begging millionaires for money, and without a super PAC. We are going to win this campaign or we are going to lose, but we are going to do it together. And we can’t let up now.

If last night proved anything, it’s that every single contribution matters and every volunteer shift can swing an election.

In this campaign, and in the White House, I cannot do it alone. No candidate and no president will be able to bring about the changes working families and the middle class of this country deserve without a major grassroots movement. The powers that be, Wall Street with their endless supply of money, corporate America, the large campaign donors are so powerful no president can do what has to be done by him or herself.

This moment requires a political revolution that has millions of people coming together, including those who have given up on the political process, saying they have had ENOUGH of the billionaire class buying our democracy.

That is what your $3 contribution will go towards building, and why it’s so important you make one today. You can do that here:

What we proved last night, what we are proving in this campaign, and what we will prove again next week is what we have said all along: when we stand together, anything is possible.

In solidarity,
Bernie Sanders


  1. But the strongest message was to the emergence of a fortification, of Moral and Ethical American Nation Capital.

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  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YsljaodGb4Q

  5. There is no doubt that this moment in US history, brings the opportunity to think big. Really no president alone will be able without a great cultural grassroots movement, change the conjunctural and structural of the STATE, this capitalist democracy not policed without the support of major popular engagements. I propose the name of Republican Societocratic Regime. Because it is no use changing "pigs (politicians) if the sty (Political Regime) remain the same." When we awaken in millions popular support, we have to take certain attitudes and actions, to keep the Order and Progress. For this there is need for prudence, courage and perseverance. Convince the military-police, judicial and Legislative Organizations to maintain discipline, to be applied by new laws; which will cause further changes. The new ideas have objective the social welfare and moral of most American Middle Classes citizens, using the interest of economic and financial groups. For this to occur it is necessary to plan – by an Incremental revolutionary change, with simultaneous overlapping actions on several segments of society; with New National Constitution, which will be created by a working group, having coordinated by Vice President of the USA. Whose Preface can be:

    Political Constitution of the Federative Societocratic
    Republic of USA
    Decreed and promulgated by the Constituent Congress on …./…./20XX Published in Official Journal No. …, on …./…./20XX


    We, representatives of American society, supported by Public Opinion, Scientifically Enlightened, yet with Practical Experience - Workers and Employers, understood and supported by the Military and the Clergy - Academics and Politicians of all persuasions, bearers of Hierarchical Disciplinary Order, which hinders neither creativity nor development; and of Non-Anarchic Progress as well as of Non-Backward Order, socially evolutive towards Social Welfare; gathered in a National Constituent Assembly, to install a Societocratic State, destined to ensure the exercise of Social and Moral Duties: Planetary, Oriental, and Occidental, by means of a civilian, domestic and individual project, not excessively nationalistic, but rather Patriotic; freedom with responsibility, public security, Social and Moral welfare, development of subordination of selfishness to Altruism, of Rights to DUTIES, of analysis to Synthesis and of progress to Order; equal opportunities and justice as supreme values of a fraternal, pluralistic and unprejudiced society, founded on the basis of Positive Social harmony and of Scientific Moral of the Public Cause; committed to domestic and international Hierarchy, to the peaceful resolution of controversies, i.e.: reconciling Order and Progress, ensuring Peace and Freedom of the Press, with responsibility; thus satisfying the just aspirations of the CONSERVATIVE PARTY - Employer, and the worthy requests of the PROGRESSIVE PARTY - Proletariat; always conciliatory in facts, yet inflexible in principles, we decree and promulgate, under the protection of Humanity’s Evolutive Past, of Our Motherland’s History and of the LOVE prevailing in everyone’s bosom and among American Families, the following POLITICAL CONSTITUTION OF THE FEDERATIVE SOCIETOCRATIC CAPITALIST / LABORIST REPUBLIC OF USA; honoring the humanistic feats of Theology, with its GOD YAHWEH, with GODDESS - HUMANITY as Advisor, representing the joint Convergent Beings of the Past, the Future and the Present; who have contributed, will contribute and contribute, towards the improvement of Social and Moral Welfare of the Human Being, here on Mother Earth’s Kingdom.