Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Bernie Sanders for President

Paulo Augusto -

Our goal in this campaign is to build a movement of people who want to take back their country from the billionaire class. We do that one person and one contribution at a time, in order to earn the votes we need to win the Democratic nomination and the White House.

When we started, no one thought we would get very far. They saw that we were up against one of the best-organized political machines in history, complete with super PACs and Wall Street money.

Today our opponent hosted a big-dollar fundraiser with the financial elite in New York City. I've heard that these events can typically raise hundreds of thousands of dollars each, or more — and their campaign has a lot of them on the calendar this month.

So, in the spirit of this campaign, we're going to reach for a big goal — to show the strength of our movement by raising $1 million today.

Secretary Clinton is going to a New York City fundraiser today with financial elites. Help us match her fundraising numbers today by adding your contribution now.
Our campaign is showing the billionaire class that they can't have it all. That no longer can they buy our elections and our democracy.

We're building our effort in a different way, and I think that we can send a very strong message if we hit our goal of raising $1 million today.

In solidarity,

Bernie Sanders

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(not the billionaires)
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