Tuesday, May 31, 2016



       Today is one of the most important days of our campaign: the final FEC fundraising deadline of the Democratic primary.

The last six states vote in one week, including California — the contest with the most delegates at stake in this race.

 And what today’s deadline will tell us is whether or not working people coming together and contributing small amounts of money can compete and win to the end against the millionaires and billionaires who have bankrolled Hillary Clinton’s campaign and her largest super PACs.

Our mission now is to go into the Democratic convention with as many votes, delegates and states as possible.

 From there, superdelegates will have to consider who is the best candidate to take on Donald Trump. 

That’s why I have to ask:

Let me be very honest. 

Our path to victory is very narrow. 

It would take us defying every single expectationnext Tuesday and making a very convincing case at the convention. 

But we have been fighting uphill from day one, and I believe we owe it to ourselves to try. 

That’s why your contribution before tonight’s deadline, the last of the primary, is so important.

In solidarity,

Bernie Sanders

Paid for by Bernie 2016

(not the billionaires)

PO Box 905 - Burlington VT 05402 United States - (855) 4-BERNIE

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