Saturday, May 28, 2016


Bernie Sanders for President

Dear Compatriots,

   Thanks in no small part to your efforts on the phones last weekend, voter registration numbers in California saw a big surge right before the May 23rd deadline.

We also learned this week that – according to a poll from the Public Policy Institute of California – we're now within striking distance of a victory in California on June 7th.

Our in-state staff and volunteers are working incredibly hard for the win, but they need your help.

 This is the most critical weekend for us to get on the phones and identify Bernie supporters, so that next week our ground teams know which doors to knock and which voters to persuade. 

Can you pitch in an hour or two of your time this weekend to help Bernie win California?

If you'd prefer to team up with other Bernie supporters and make calls from a phonebanking party in your community, our awesome volunteer hosts would love to have you! Please RSVP below:

Monday, May 30ᵗʰ in Miami

If you've never called voters for Bernie before, don't worry – it's not hard. 

You just need a computer or a tablet, and a phone. We provide a simple script for you to follow, and dedicated volunteers are standing by on livechat to assist if you run into any problems.

Thanks to your support, we've won 21 primaries and caucuses so far this year – a result that no one would have predicted when we launched this campaign just over a year ago.

 California represents the biggest prize of all, with 475 pledged delegates at stake, and a victory there would send a gigantic signal to the political establishment that our movement has real staying power.

With your help, we'll keep this political revolution going all the way to the convention in Philadelphia. So we hope you can help out this weekend andsign up to call for an hour or two.

In solidarity,
Team Bernie

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(not the billionaires)
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