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Paulo Augusto,
I attended a rally with working people at the Carrier Corp.’s manufacturing facility in Indianapolis recently. They’re fighting to save their jobs from being outsourced to a plant in Mexico.

Many of these people have worked at the Indianapolis plant for years, and their work has made Carrier, a subsidiary of United Technologies, a hugely profitable company. Last year, Carrier made $7 billion in profits and paid $10 million to United Technologies CEO Gregory Hayes.

But that isn’t enough for Hayes and other greedy executives. Now they’re planning to close the Indianapolis plant and ship those jobs overseas, just so they can pay themselves even more. It’s reprehensible. 

The petition says the following:

Carrier Corporation has, for decades, been a vital manufacturing operation in Indianapolis. The hard work of the skilled and dedicated employees has been the backbone of the company’s success: making quality American-made products that fetch huge company profits. Now the company plans to close its operations in Indiana, move to Mexico and pay workers poverty wages. This decision will devastate the 1,400 workers at the facility, our families and our community. We call on Carrier Corporation and its corporate parent, United Technologies, to stay in Indianapolis and reverse this heartless decision to abandon America’s workers.
When the announcement about the plant closing was made to the working people who were going to lose their jobs, company officials were surprisingly honest. They told workers the decision wasn’t made because of quality problems or because the company wasn’t making enough money. So the only explanation for this move, then, has to be because executives want to stuff their pockets with even bigger profits.

And because of bad trade deals like NAFTA and CAFTA (and, if it passes, the Trans-Pacific Partnership), corporations like Carrier are free to continue to put profits before working people here in the United States and in other countries.

Carrier has been, justifiably, taking a lot of heat for this decision. Let’s keep the pressure on.

We have to stop this. 

In Solidarity,

Richard Trumka
President, AFL-CIO

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