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data:25 de maio de 2016 14:39
assunto:I knew I could count on Bernie

Bernie Sanders for President

Paulo Augusto Lacaz -

When I introduced a bill in the Senate that would slow the effects of climate change, I knew that I could count on Bernie Sanders to stand with me from the very first day.

Last year Bernie and I introduced the Keep It in the Ground Act, which would prevent new fracking, coal mining, and oil drilling on federal lands, as well as all new offshore oil drilling.

Bernie and I are committed to this fight because we know we can – and must – slow the pace of climate change. 

Scientists tell us that we need to keep 80 percent of remaining fossil fuels in the ground to prevent the worst effects of climate change.

To stop climate change from destroying our planet, we must act quickly and boldly to bring an end to the extraction and exploitation of fossil fuels in lands owned by the American people.

Not one more lease to extract coal.

Not one more license for fracking.

Not a single additional offshore oil drilling rig.
We must keep 80 percent of the world’s proven reserves in the ground – and the Keep It in the Ground Act is a powerful step toward this goal to avert climate catastrophe.

The fossil fuel industry is geared up for a fight. 

The Koch Brothers want us to fail, and we expect heavy resistance from people who profit off of the destruction of our planet.

Showing tremendous public support will help pass the Keep It in the Ground Act – will you be a partner with me and Bernie in this movement to fight climate change?

We’re building a movement to take on climate change and speed up our transition to clean, renewable energy. We need to act together and we need to act now.

Jeff Merkley
U.S. Senator from Oregon

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(not the billionaires)
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