Thursday, March 17, 2016


Bernie Sanders for President

I have three very important facts for you to know today, Compatriots.
  • There are 27 primaries and caucuses between now and June 7, which is the day we expect to overtake Hillary Clinton's campaignin pledged delegates needed to win the nomination.

  • In the next 7 days, the Clinton campaign is hosting 7 fundraisers where some high-dollar donors will bundle at least $27,000 each.

  • The average contribution to our campaign is just $27.
I think you know what I'm about to ask you to do.

As Bernie wrote to you earlier, it's important to know that today is the high water mark for the Clinton campaign.

The primaries and caucuses ahead of us represent big chances for us to win. Starting today, the map now shifts dramatically in our favor.

Arizona, Idaho, and Utah are up next Tuesday. Alaska, Hawaii, and Washington State caucus the Saturday after. Then it's Wisconsin's turn to vote.

We think we have a great shot at winning every single state that votes in the next month. But we can only be that successful if you're still with ustonightCompatriots.

Your support for Bernie now means that we can keep fighting for our political revolution.  

And thanks to you join this fight we will win.

In solidarity,

Jeff Weaver
Campaign Manager
Bernie 2016

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