Thursday, March 10, 2016

How we win in Florida on Tuesday

Bernie Sanders for President

Paulo Augusto -

There are two kinds of power in politics: organized people and organized money.

Thanks to more than 5 million individual contributions, we’re raising the kind of money needed to take on the billionaire class. But this weekend — before Florida votes on Tuesday, March 15th — we need to really focus on organizing people.

We’re running the largest grassroots campaign in the history of presidential politics, and if every person who has signed up to support Bernie takes just a few hours over the weekend to tell uncommitted voters about why they’re part of this political revolution, we’re going to win in Florida onTuesday.

RSVP today to attend an event happening near you:

Come Phone bank at the BERNIE HQ MIA 3/11:
Friday, March 11ᵗʰ in Miami
Come Phone bank at the BERNIE HQ MIA 3/12:
Saturday, March 12ᵗʰ in Miami
Come Phone bank at the BERNIE HQ MIA 3/13:
Sunday, March 13ᵗʰ in Miami
Come Phone bank at the BERNIE HQ MIA 3/14:
Monday, March 14ᵗʰ in Miami

This is such an important stretch for our campaign. If we can win in Florida and do well in other states, we’ll be well on our way towards winning this primary, the White House, and taking back our country from the billionaire class.

Tens of thousands of supporters are already set to take action this weekend. 

Bernie needs you to join them.

In solidarity,

- Florida for Bernie

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(not the billionaires)
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