Saturday, March 19, 2016

Real talk

Bernie Sanders for President

Dear Compatriots,

At every turn, the establishment pundits have written us off, shut us out, and tried to write our movement's obituary.

We shouldn’t be surprised that, once again, they’re piling on to say game over. But, with more than 50 percent of the delegates still up for grabs, we’re just at half time.

Here's the truth: there has never been a campaign better positioned for the long haul than this one, for two critical reasons:

1. Our grassroots, small-dollar fundraising machine powered by you, our supporters.

2. Our unprecedented voter contact machine powered by you, our volunteers.

Simply put, your donations are what allow us to keep the lights on and keep spreading Bernie's message – even when the corporate media sanctimoniously declares that it's time for us to call it quits – and your participation as volunteers is what's allowed us to win nine states so far and send shockwaves through the political establishment.

You've heard a lot about our historic number of small-dollar donors and donations, which is incredible. But what all of you have been doing as volunteers is no less extraordinary:
• Over 7,600 individual Bernie volunteers have hosted their own voter contact events calling voters and knocking on doors.

• In the past week alone there were over 1,600 phone bank events held by Bernie volunteers.

• Since January, Bernie volunteers have made over 38 million calls to voters in key states.
Nothing like this has ever happened before in American politics, with this many volunteers stepping up to do the heavy lifting. And it's working. In state after state, your calls and door knocks are what's moving the needle.

As we move into late March, we're entering a pivotal stage of the campaign. 

The primary calendar is shifting in our favor, with many states coming up where we can win – or win big. But to make up critical ground and take this all the way to November, we're going to need each and every one of you to volunteer if you haven't already, or double down and volunteer again if you're already involved.

Can you sign up to attend a voter contact event near you?

You can make calls from home with the Bernie Dialer, orcheck our map for other events happening near you.

Nothing worth fighting for will be easy. This campaign has always been a long shot, and it’s indisputable that this past Tuesday our path to the nomination narrowed a bit.

But let's be clear about one thing: there is absolutely still a path to victory. And this movement – which has already reshaped American politics – is not about to give up with 24 states still left to go.

The pundits can't stop our campaign. 

They couldn't stop it when they ignored us for months before Iowa and wrote us off as a protest campaign. And they can't stop us now. We're not giving up, and we know you won't either.

 There's too much at stake to leave this political revolution unfinished.

It's an honor to be with you in this movement.

In solidarity,

Claire Sandberg
Bernie 2016

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(not the billionaires)
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