Thursday, March 17, 2016


Bernie Sanders for President

             No one ever said a political revolution would be easy, Compatriots.

But we must remember that the struggle for our rights is not the struggle of a day, or a year, or a generation. It is the struggle of a lifetime, and one that must be fought each and every generation. Today, it is our turn to fight.

The billionaire class and political establishment in this country would like very much for us to go away. 

They see our proposals and the way we fund our campaign as a threat to their existence and have been determined to see us lose from day one.

But the response from supporters across the country has made one thing clear: we aren’t going anywhere — we are going to win.

Since the polls opened on Tuesday, we have received more than 100,000 contributions and raised almost $3 million dollars. So we’ve set a goal that will give us the resources we need to win all three primaries and caucuses next Tuesday:

We are less than halfway through this Democratic primary and expect to do very well in the states to come. There are a lot of delegates left to be won: four states alone hold more delegates than Secretary Clinton has in total today.

Are we underdogs? 

For sure. 

But we have been underdogs from the beginning of this campaign. 

And the people powering our campaign, the people working longer and longer hours for lower wages, the sick without health care, and the students staring at the prospect of crushing debt, are underdogs as well.

But if we continue to stand together, we are going to keep chipping away at Hillary Clinton’s lead until we overtake her on June 7th.

That’s why I have to ask you directly:

The economic and political systems of this country are stacked against ordinary Americans. But we are fighting back through our campaign, and we can win.

In solidarity,

Bernie Sanders

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(not the billionaires)
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